Can we Send Bulk Email from Hosting Servers


Can we Send Bulk Email from Hosting Servers

Can we Send Bulk Email from Hosting Servers

You can send email with all web servers as the greater part of them have SMTP office, however they have a few impediments like 100 email for every hour or 500 email for every day. They never bolster mass mailing from their server, that will make heaps of issues for them like IP boycotting, Hosting account suspension, high data transfer capacity utilization and so on… as they are utilizing the same server for loads of other applications(like Hosting Company sites, running corporate Emails and so forth… ) that will be huge issue in future.

Keeping up a Bulk Email SMTP Server for mass Mailing is a major exertion, need to keep up a decent specialized group for giving throughout the everyday specialized issues like IP boycotting, white posting, sender validations, trust working with ISPs, load adjusting and need to pay great add up to the ISPs for giving great data transmission to every email crusade and so forth… most importantly need abnormal state specialized information and involvement in email deliverability to run the Bulk Email prepare effectively.

That is the reason you have to utilize a Dedicated SMTP Server for your Bulk Email needs.

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Ubuntu is a open source operating system

Facts on Ubuntu is a operating system. Like Linux it’s open source

Before we get into Ubuntu is a working framework. Like Linux it’s open source and Features of Ubuntu we ought to take in the general truths about this working programming. This product a Debian based and like Linux this too is a publicly released program. The organization Devbian is claimed by an agent from South Africa by the name Mark Shuttleworth. To get an appropriate comprehension of the product we ought to investigate the elements of the product.

Truths on Ubuntu is a working framework

Elements of Ubuntu

You should recall that the general adaptation of the product accompanies different programming that are recorded underneath


As a client you will have admittance to recreations like Sodoku and Chess. The great part is that you will likewise have admittance to some product bundles like Evolution, GIMP, Pidgin and Synaptic. You have can have complete access to these the going with bundle instrument.

The History and the complete development of Ubuntu

The working framework was made by using the Debian stage. This specific programming coordinates consistently with Linux. As a client you will gladly discover that the organization discharges redesigned forms each half yearly. You can likewise hope to get support on a long haul premise that incorporates security fixes the required overhauls for new equipment.

The different bundles of the working framework are made taking into account the precarious components from Debian. You should realize that the bundles from Debian and Ubuntu may not generally be perfect with each other so you may need to make the bundles from the sources keeping in mind the end goal to use in Ubuntu.

The establishment procedure for Ubuntu

The establishment procedure might be somewhat distinctive for each Ubuntu item; however a base plate space of 5GB is required. Nonetheless you may use streak drives to boot Ubuntu and Kubuntu, this will really allow you to spare the settings amid versatility. In the upgraded adaptation of Ubuntu, a USB maker can be utilized to introduce the product on a drive. This will likewise make a USB drive that can be booted effectively. The specific variant for desktop PCs are introduced through Ne tboot picture that likewise utilizes the installer from Debian. This additionally allows robotized redesigns for the more established adaptations with no issues.

Gathering from the overall population

The product received the peruser’s grant for incredible execution in the year 2005 and from that point forward the organization has never thought back. So on the off chance that you take the time and experience the focuses said you will comprehend the complete advantages of Ubuntu and it can be utilized to encounter upgraded execution. This working framework may have imperfections as well, however you need to figure out how to function around those defects.

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What is Linux?

Linux : If you’re a beginner in the world of Ubuntu, then you’re probably getting confused about a common term that they usually discuss, Linux. In order to become well versed in using the Ubuntu operating system, you need to have a good knowledge about Linux. In this post, we’ll introduce you about the basics of the Linux kernel.

Brief History

In the early 1980s, an operating system is very popular and it was called UNIX, however, there’s a lack of sharing and improvement for the system. Therefore, somebody created an operating system, which also works like UNIX. The difference is that this version of UNIX can be shared and improved by its users. This is called MINIX, which is primarily a teaching tool.

Then, a group called GNU project write the new operating system called GNU, which is short for GNU’s Not Unix. However, they don’t have all the components they need to create a fully working OS and Linus Torvalds began to create a replacement for MINIX, which is free to use for anyone, and later became the Linux kernel.

In short, Linux is not the actual operating system, it’s the kernel used by Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu. The kernel is what made these free operating systems free of charge.

Uses of Linux

Linux is first deployed for use with servers. Today, most websites are run using the Linux operating system because of its speed and low resources usage. And while it was a popular operating system for servers until today, Linux found its way to desktop computers as well as mobile phones and even wristwatches and supercomputers.

Top Linux Distribution

There’s a number of increasing Linux distributions around the internet and choosing from them can be a very daunting task, especially if you are new to Linux. But it would be biased if we were going to tell you that Ubuntu is the best just because we’re focusing on Ubuntu. So, we’re going to list the most popular Linux distros over the internet.

Distributions are kept up by private people and business entities. A conveyance can be introduced utilizing a CD that contains appropriation particular programming for introductory framework establishment and arrangement. For the clients, most mainstream conveyances offer full grown application administration frameworks that permit clients to hunt, discover, and put in new applications with simply a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Here they are…

Linux Mint
Arch Linux
Slackware Linux

In the end, people will need to choose depending upon their preferences and level of expertise. For beginners, Linux Mint and Ubuntu are best. For medium users, openSUSE and Fedora are best while for expert power users, Arch Linux and FreeBSD are for you.

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Account Usage Statistics

Account Usage Statistics

In this instructional exercise we will indicate you point by point data about the diverse sorts of measurements Siteground accommodates your record and area names.On the off chance that you are investigating an issue with your site or your just need to break down it to see the most famous parts, skimming your cPanel details in the primary thing to do.
This instructional exercise covers the accompanying themes
  • Fundamental Account Statistics
  • Account Executions and Scripts
  • Area Hits Stats
Essential Statistics
On the left cPanel menu there is a Statistics area.There you can screen the asset use of your record.
Account Usage Statistics

Account Usage Statistics

The things are as per the following:


  • Fundamental Domain – your essential space name is recorded
  • Circle Space Usage – demonstrates the plate space use of your record in MB
  • Inode Usage – the aggregate number of records and organizers in your record
  • Month to month Transfer – demonstrates the expanded month to month data transmission by your record. It is a total of the approaching and active movement
  • Email Accounts – the quantity of email records you have made
  • Subdomains – demonstrates the quantity of made subdomains
  • Stopped Domains – demonstrates the quantity of stopped spaces under your record
  • Addon Domains – demonstrates the quantity of addon spaces joined to addon openings under your record
  • FTP Accounts – demonstrates the quantity of FTP records under your record
  • All SQL Databases – demonstrates the quantity of Mysql Databases made under your record


To see significantly more details about your record, tap the extend details catch.On the extended space you will see:
Account Usage Statistics

Account Usage Statistics


  • CPU TIME USAGE – the measure of CPU time in seconds your scripts expend
  • Account Executions – the quantity of scripts executed per certain timeframe


Detailed Statistics
To get to the nitty gritty measurements for your record and area name, you can either tap on the green Detailed Stats catch in the left segment, or through the SiteGround Account Stats symbol in the visitor Stats segment.
cpanel usage statistics

Cpanel usage statistics

When you go to the detailed Stats page, you will see numerous details for your record and space names isolated into two distinct tabs.
Account Executions and Scripts
In this tab, you will see data about the most regularly executed scripts in your whole record.The realistic can demonstrate the Script Executions and the CPU Usage charts.You can switch amongst day by day and week by week mode too with a specific end goal to discover when your record is gotten to the most.
cpanel usage statistics

Cpanel usage statistics

Under the realistic, you will see the rundown of Top 10 Executed Scripts.
cpanel usage statistics

cpanel usage statistics

I will permit you to rapidly discover which scripts your site is executing the most and in the event that you have some kind of an execution issue, to pinpoint the acurate script that is bringing about it.
Area Hits Stats
In this tab, you can see definite details for every one of the area names you have connected with your record.
cpanel usage statistics

cpanel usage statistics

To begin with, you will see main10 IP addresses that have gotten to your site.This data is normally helpful to recognize DOS or Brute Force assaults agains your space name.
cpanel usage statistics

cpanel usage statistics

Next, you can see the most mainstream URLs for this space name. that is another valuable detail that can both demonstrate to you the most well known pages or potential issues.
cpanel usage statistics

cpanel usage statistics

At last, the user agent table will demonstrate to you the distinctive programs or robots that have gotten to this space name.It’s to a great degree helpful to identify spam bots for instance.
cpanel usage statistics

cpanel usage statistics

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PHP Version Change

PHP Version Change
Step by step instructions to Easily Switch Between PHP Versions
This segment of the instructional exercise discloses how to effectively change the PHP variant for your site in only a couple clicks.First sign into cPanel for your account.Go to 1H Software segment -> PHP Version Manager:
PHP Version Change

PHP Version Change

Explore to the registry you might want to change the PHP adaptation for by tapping on the organizer symbolos. Note that the changes will apply to sub-registries for the picked registry too. In the event that you might want to roll out the improvement for entire site – pick the public_html directory.Click on the index name.Select the fancied PHP Variant from the rundown and snap save.
PHP Version Change

PHP Version Change

That is all – you have now changed the PHP variant for your site.

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Change File Permissions

Change File Permissions

Evolving record/envelope authorizations

All records on UNIX (Counting linux and other UNIX variations) machines have admittance consents.Along these lines the working framework knows how to manage solicitations to get to the records.There are three sorts of access


  • Perused – Denoted as r, documents with read access can be shown to the client.
  • Compose – Denoted as w, records with compose access can be adujested by the client.
  • Execute – Denoted as x, documents with execute access can be executed as projects by the client.


Access sorts are set for three sorts of client gathering:


  • Client – The proprietor of the record.
  • Bunch – Other documents which are in the same organizer or gathering.
  • World – Everyone else.


The web server should have the capicity to peruse your website pages keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to show them in a program.The accompanying consents should be set all together for your site to work legitimately.


  • All HTML documents and pictures should be decipherable by others. The quaity for this is 644 (coherent by user, group and world, and writable by user).
    It is set naturally when you transfer records.
  • Everything envelops need to be executable by others. The quality for this is 755(coherent by user, group and world). It is set naturally when you make an
  • All CGI documents (all records in the cgi-canister envelope) should be executable by other. the worth for this is 755 (comprehensible by user, group, and
    world, writable by user, executable by user, group, and world).It is not set naturally when you transfer records. You have to change records authorizations


Step 1 : Open your file manager and explore to the record or envelope that you have to change.
Step 2 : Click on the name of the record or envelope.
Step 3 : Click on the change permissions join in the top menu of the file manager page.
Step 4 : Click on the same number of check boxes as you require to make the right authorization. The consent numbers underneath the check boxes will overhaul naturally.
Step 5 : Click on the change permissions catch when you are prepared.The new consent level is spared and the showcase upgraded to demonstrate the altered record.

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