Onlive Infotech Provide Best India VPS Server Hosting For IRCTC Services

If you are looking for the right Indian VPS Server Hosting plans for IRCTC website and users. Get VPS Hosting services For Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC), contact us. We bring VPS Hosting server at the most affordable prices which let every business reap its benefits.

Onlive Infotech provide Best Indian VPS Server Hosting Specially For IRCTC Services. Our VPS server hosting, client will gain success in reducing the operating costs. We are aware of the fact that small business owners had to work really hard for the management of VPS server hosting applications as well as software. As the leading India VPS Server Hosting Provider, we offer cheapest Windows and Linux based VPS Server Hosting services at low India VPS Server Hosting Price.

Indian Railways has humongous potential for IRCTC as it carries along 13 million passengers daily. The mission of IRCTC is to enhance services of client in railway hospitality, catering, travel and tourism with best practices of the industry. So Indian VPS Server Hosting plans for IRCTC website and their users that are easily manage the potential for IRCTC. India VPS Server Hosting are help source book a E-Ticket for high all other agencies such as tour operators, hotels, travel agents etc for book ticket as soon as possible without any problem as well as also book the Tatkal E-Ticket by the use of super fast VPS server hosting with safe and secure service.

Most of the small business or startups do not have the capability of handling technical tissues. In such scenarios, client can opt for our free technical support team. Our qualified professionals provide assistance in the management of servers and reducing a significant amount of monthly expenses.

We have a qualified support team and you can seek the assistance of our team 24*7. You can contact us anytime via email and phone. client can be ensured that we will help in the creation of virtual multiple servers on a singular physical server. With the aid of advanced technology, you will be able to run Linux or Windows servers even from remote desktop sessions.

Canada Server Hosting Plans

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Our Dedicated Server Hosting Canada solutions offer each client a complete hosting platform that includes all needed hardware, software, networking systems and technical assistance necessary to successfully operate the website. These dedicated servers are housed in our ultra-modern Montreal data centre. We use latest Intel Xeon processors to boost server performance. You get to enjoy up to 256 GB RAM and 2TB HDD at phenomenal prices. We deliver top-notch services with economical installation and operation costs. Our dedicated server makes you create a fast and robust environment in a matter of time.Onlive Infotech Server Hosting provider company

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A Virtual Server with Onlive Server delivers you mindblowing performance, reliability and full control at prices that won’t break your budget. Our basic KVM VPS plan offers you 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth at just $11 per month. Adopt highly recommendable, reliable and qualitative VPS Server Hosting Canada to launch your website without any downtime or low bandwidth issues. We offer pre-built as well as customizable packages that can suit any web hosting needs. Our high-end virtual server hosting infrastructure gives the freedom and performance needed for any fast-growing business. It has the added reliability and flexibility of independently running your own virtual server within the Onlive Server cloud.

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We offer unparalleled telephonic support during business hours and quick turnaround live chat/ email/ticket support outside of that.