Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting to Enjoy 100% Up Time and Complete Control

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

Currently, most of the site owners want to use the cheapest and good hosting solution for increasing the website traffic. Best Dedicated Server Hosting has everything to meet your business needs safety and quickly. The main reason to choose dedicated hosting is that it requires low cost when compared with other hosting services. Many hosting companies now provide the hosting plans, but Onlive Infotech brings you some extra benefits with innovative technology. The specially developed hosting plans are ideal for even your e-commerce applications. The highly secure, low cost and high-quality server hosting has the capability to avoid various security hassles. Most essentially, the hosting providers offer hosting solutions for different types of operating systems like UNIX, Windows and more. It is always safe to consider your business requirements before choosing any Cheapest Dedicated Server solution.

Get efficient hosting solutions

The reliable hosting providers create every hosting solution by keeping customer needs in mind. The customized server solutions are used for improving your business productivity without spending more. Both the hardware and server network of the company has powerful configuration and advanced features. It ensures that web applications enjoy quick loading time. The increased speed will bring wonderful user experience. These kinds of dedicated hosting services are available in different countries. If you desire to use the best dedicated hosting solution, you should check its features before spending your money. The secure hosting solutions are ready to bring you tons of useful benefits. The team of hosting providers is dedicated to offering extremely secure and safe hosting solutions for your business website and e-commerce applications. When you choose and use this server hosting platform, you can get better control over your website.

Contact the Technical Professionals

Each server hosting platform is designed uniquely to bring increased bandwidth and better up time. The website of Onlive Infotech has an array of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans. These kinds of hosting plans have increased bandwidth and 100% uptime. These are the key features of dedicated server hosting package that grab the attention of many website owners towards dedicated hosting. It is useful to know that the dedicated hosting services will overcome the problems created by shared hosting. The fully managed and customized dedicated hosting plans are obtainable at very budget-friendly rates. By using the highly appropriate server hosting platform, you can increase the privacy level of your business website. You can contact the technical support providers to get better support.

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Infotech is offering a Best Dedicated Server Hosting for this Diwali, 2018. This Diwali pleasure will double with the help of our stable Dedicated Server Hosting plans. We wish this Diwali to fulfill your every need and wishes. Onlive Infotech is the best in providing Best and Cheapest Dedicated Server hosting from many years. Now, we are presenting latest packages for every client on this Diwali with the ultimate discount. Our company will provide the maximum discount while ordering first dedicated hosting plan. If you want an excellent processor and hardware then you have come to the right platform. You do not panic during heavy workloads because our dedicated servers are very robust and provide the best services for it. Our technical management make the higher facilities of the business-based network.

Data centre is the most reliable factor, thats way we provide data centres in every country for all dedicated packages to get the better bandwidth speed and excellent support. Onlive Infotech company is giving the suggestion for the best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting which will be finest for your business-related projects. Get the personal Maintenance of the Server. You will get the high modification option with the dedicated setup. Onlive Infotech ensures that each of its servers is fast which will be help to your business to run higher and rapidly. We have the ideal options for your online business website. Here you can get the highest frequency to make the website a high and potential level.

Main and Specific Special Services

  1. Sufficient RAM
  2. Standard CMS Installation
  3. Free cPanel: Webmin, Zpanel – Provide greatest control on the package
  4. Technical Support with higher security
  5. Best Dedicated manufacturing
  6. Solid Hardware
  7. Robust & Instant setup
  8. Modern Technology
  9. Data Centre in more than 35 country

Notable Data Centre: Our Data Centres provides business-grade services to the buyers. Onlive Infotech always offer highest Data Centre as per plan. When you select Dedicated Server Hosting then you will absolutely meet the excellent data centre services. The data center provides the highest protection to keep secure sensitive data for the website. Our Web Service Provider Data Center is the best provider to provide highly functionality.

Our Objectives are:

The purpose of the company is that you will maximize your online business-based website or application. We are telling the best reason to choose your durable dedicated server hosting. We will mainly help focus on business to achieve the highest success.

Company offer free support for any kind of technical issues. The technical team will provide you all kind of server helps without any troubles. Here you can pick our best dedicated hosting service without any doubts. If you really want this Diwali offer then you can put your query for this offer.

Wish you Happy Diwali in Advance from Our Onlive Infotech Team!!

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are striving to explore Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting plans for professional largest Online Organization, you can go to our Onlive Infotech Company, where you will get affordable Dedicated server plans. We confer modern software & hardware Dedicated hosting Setups to the serious buyers. If you are a serious buyer and want to buy affordable hosting plans for huge-scale business to get best enhancement then you should come here to know about the more functionalities or capabilities of our Cheapest Dedicated Server plans.

Most Trusted Services of Dedicated Server Plan like: –

  1. Ram & SSD Card: Heavy space to keep as much data as possible
  2. Reliability & Flexibility: Feel the realness and flexibleness in the plans
  3. Maximum Bandwidth: Dependency ratio
  4. Free cPanel: Privilege on the website for arrangement
  5. Security: DDOS & SSL maintains utmost security around the website
  6. One Free Domain: Buy Dedicated setup and get free domain

If you want to Install CMS? then Read Below: –

Complete CMS Installation Services: – Seriously, if you want cheap and best Dedicated Server Hosting services with complete CMS installation then you have come quite right hosting platform, it is Onlive Infotech company. Where you can get the ultimate CMS Installation on Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans. We have a large range of CMS where you can get the best and free CMS according to your business choice. We will completely install CMS on your dedicated setup.

Required Part of Data Centre Dedicated Server Hosting

One of the key features of our dedicated server plans is the data centre. If you purchase our Dedicated Server plans specially for any location then you will get best Data centre that provides multi specific services to the high extent on the plans. The data centre detects your business needs to provide higher best services for your business-based website. Accordingly, gives better services to you for your hugest online business. We have the 100% tested and latest server hardware and new server which is specially build to maximum business performance for your website. Data centre is the most important faculty, while selecting our Dedicated Server Hosting plans when you can get best DATA Centre in your location to gain the high power on the Dedicated Server Hosting Setups. Note, the Data Center provides performance services along with high-class trouble-free speed to get a high bounce in the presence of Online business.

See Our Data Center Special Services below: –

  1. Performance: Feel expand in business development by top performance
  2. Speed: Meet on high business Races with the help of Speed
  3. Management: Management Experts provide excellent management service
  4. Free Technical Support: Take Topper Help of Server difficulties by Technical Experts
  5. Threads & Resources: More & more space

Should Read

If you have higher traffic e-commerce or related website then we are the best option and professional then you will need a best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. Since, e commerce business wants a huge space to be better and better in the sales business area. So, you do not have to find more. You can buy cheap and best Dedicated server plans from Onlive Infotech company. Here you can get utmost best service to make maximize business sales. If you are stuck in any kind of server circumstance or attacks then you do not have to worry about it, because our special technical expert team will help you to solve server problems better.

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting


Need Cheaper and best Dedicated Server Hosting plans for your online website such as: application based website or E commerce based online portals. We recommend you for Onlive Infotech Technology, you can consider for this web hosting service provider company established in (Noida, Vaishali Metro Station, Sector – 4, 201010) India. A Dedicated Server hosting can be described as dedicated remote server to a user.

Dedicated Hosting Machine Must for Biggest Business Profile

Onlive Infotech brings a Cheapest Dedicated Server hosting plans from the wide range. It is different from the VPS server in which the customers lease an entire server with their resources in dedicated hosting solutions.

In this, with Dedicated hosting plans the customers will not share servers with different customers. The different features of Dedicated hosting look good to buy, but our dedicated server plans which we will elaborate to aware of the features or the advantages. With the Best dedicated server setups, you will get a single server and its resources without sharing them with the other users or buyers. If you want a bigger space for your business then Dedicated plans is the very smart choice for your online business-related works. Get the proper RAM with our service, if you need that you can easily data transfer and want to get unlimited bandwidth which are exclusively for your use then we are the good choice. Here are available multiflorous advantages. Dedicated setup is not shared with anyone else. Whereas, with all the approachable resources you can go faster on the business targets. You can actually expect business level hosting solutions that provide utmost quality performance and highly reliable speed at the same time.

Must Go for Best Dedicated Server for Your Online Profession

Onlive Infotech have the world class Data centre. The Web Server Company provides country wise data centre facilities with each Dedicated Setup. Country based Data Centre is the main part of Dedicated Server setup which provide ultimate server protection and speed to the high extent. If you have any online business profile for get better enhancement at the business technology then you can prefer our wide range of Dedicated setup from Onlive Infotech. This type solution is specifically structure only for businesses with the deep advantage requirements. We make sure that these businesses will be get the good success by our finest services. Our highly successful Dedicated Hosting setups make right strategy for online profile to developed utmost. Increase the high traffic on professional business sites on a regular basis.

Each site use the most demanding solutions on the Internet. Specific reason, this type of hosting package is for high load and high traffic websites. One of the top basic reasons for having a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting solution is to have full root access on the plans. This means that users get full flexibility in configuring and installing their dedicated server setups.

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

In the Onlive Infotech Web Server Hosting Website, here each people can get the Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting setups for your any kind of business websites. Client wants to establish own business website at the top level, so client should choose our Servers to be stable on top. Onlive Infotech is deliver more essential web server hosting service for every client which is based in India Noida. This Web services company is providing best service in all over the world. Onlive Infotech is bringing wide range of Dedicated Server plans/packages which will be very helpful to enhancement of your business status. We use high-end technology while setting up dedicated servers.

Untold Speed, Performance of Dedicated Server

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting has superior hosting service which is available at more affordable prices. It also provides high capability for any type of operating system such as: Linux and Windows OS, which is available at very reasonable price. You can create the 100% secure fire walls on the website through the Dedicated Servers, whereby you can feel safe your website from authorized attacks. Get the many perks on the plan like: 999.99% network uptime guarantee, CMS Installation in Only Click, free cPanel to get powerful controlling power, untold technical help by the highly knowledgeable technical supportive professionals, good core, finest technology, instant setup and many more. If you buy our any Dedicated Setups then you will gain the best uptime for your operating system-based servers. Our every plan will run better without any error. There are no any glitches when choosing our dedicated hosting plans.

Dedicated Server Setup with Free Support by Technical Team

We provide the high-grade support for your plan. We have nice-natured staff that provide you best support and help in any server troubles. Well available for standard machine dedicated server, here can use 99.9% uptime Guarantee for our customers. Now, we are bringing one of the cheapest hoisting services, company deliver balance load option which is available to providing. Maximum uptime process makes great stability for the business websites. Buy our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting service and get instant install on your website.

Many perks are valid on Dedicated plans, if you have any website or applications which wants a full root level access, then here you can take proper privilege on the plans while buying our hosting setup. Our hosting service is very scalable that meets to extra space in bandwidth. Disk Space also important to keep data storage in very securable ways

Italy VPS Server

Today Italy VPS Server has become an alluring product of the web hosting market. Italy VPS Hosting Serves as a modern generation by Onlive Infotech. This is the most cost-effective and the best option for every business or website, especially those that experience a lot of traffic. Italy VPS Server available at lowest price than the dedicated server and provides website owners with a lot more options and freedom than the shared server option. Onlive Infotech – Italy VPS Server great benefit of the option is that it can be easily upgraded to become High Performing, Best Monitoring Service, Reseller Hosting Plans, Ultra-Higher Speed of Internet and more powerful as the demand of the website increases.

if you are thinking about expanding your business to offer more services and products, you should really consider the Onlive Infotech option. If you are currently using an Onlive Infotech web hosting company you will be able to make changes to your business easily. Onlive Infotech – Cheap VPS Server Italy packages are actually much faster or more powerful and a good quality plan. and this provides server hosting services with benefits and features. such as: –

Italy VPS Server Panel Features: –

  • CPU Utilization Memory Utilization
  • Disk space Allocation
  • Start / Turn Off / Shut Down
  • Reboot (Forced Shut down then Start)
  • Reset (cold “hardware” reset)

All VPS Plans Include: –

  • Admin Remote Desktop Access

  • Web-based VPS Management Panel

  • Bandwidth Monitoring Graphs

  • Smarter Bundle Pro (Min $20/m plan)

  • Disaster Recovery Backups

  • Server & Network Uptime

  • Self-Managed Services (Details)

Enjoy Italy VPS Server with Security and More Features:-

If you were to choose this virtual server you would be experiencing a lot more security than that received from a shared server, and you would also have more control over your server. Italy VPS Server Hosting is extremely reliable with very useful features which guarantee the ease of control and use. Each Italy VPS hosting package comes with RAM, disk space, data transfer allocation, and unnecessary server. You will get a flexible, scalable, reliable and secure web environment. All of these factors will be important if you are running multiple applications on your server. With our Onlive Infotech –  VPS Server HostingItaly, you can enjoy a safe and secure environment. And you will get the flexibility to install the application and will be able to update or reboot the system.