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Australia VPS hosting comes in the form of a premium solution that actually runs faster in comparison to shared hosting. Australia VPS server is available in the form of an add-on to any existing web hosting plan available from a service provider. However, you can even avail the VPS Server in Australia in the form of a standalone service. VPS servers in Australia are virtual machines that protect the resources of a user from the other websites being hosted on the same server. This way the users get more powerful hosting solutions.

Difference between Public Cloud and VPS Solutions

With an Australia VPS, you actually get a server by paying an affordable price tag of around $29 to be paid on a monthly basis. This is a solution that is highly adapted to perfectly suit all kind of critical and non-critical applications that do not resource intensive. This is mainly due to the fact that the resources of the physical server are shared with the other VPSs. The data center for VPS servers in Australia is located in Sydney.

Coming to the features of Australia VPS hosting, the users get 1 core processor, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB storage space, 1 TB data transfer speed, 1 dedicated IP address, and 250 Mbps network connectivity. The servers are KVM architecture supported and they work for different operating systems like Centos, Debian, Fedora, Windows, Suse, and Ubuntu. Control panel options include ZPanel, Plesk, Sentora, VestaCP, ISPConfig, and Froxlor.

However, if you are in need of guaranteed resources or you are in the lookout of building an infrastructure with several servers then it would be better for you to go for Public Cloud solutions available at Onlive Server.

Choosing between Plesk and VPS Web Hosting

With Plesk website hosting plans in Australia, the users are offered a server with Plesk pre-installed. It can be used for managing websites but the users will not be the administrators of the service. This means that they will have limited control over the servers. On the contrary, with VPS server Australia, the users get a virtual machine that can be used as per the discretion of the users themselves. The users are the sole administrators and they can use the server for almost anything that they want. Due to upgraded resources, support and features, VPS web hosting packages are a bit more expensive in comparison to shared hosting plans. Nevertheless, this does not mean that VPS is a cost-prohibitive service or it would get impossible for you to get hold of service within affordable rates. Bare-bones and simple VPS packages from reputable and respected hosting providers are generally economical.

Some frequently asked questions include:

  • Do VPS costs increase?

Yes, they can increase if the users keep adding servers and computing resources to their VPS clusters.

  • What is a major benefit of VPS?

One big benefit of VPS is that it has the ability of quickly scaling the infrastructure of a company for meeting traffic demands.

  • Can servers be added or removed in VPS hosting?

Yes, the server can either be added or removed in an automatic manner. You pay only for the server that you use.

  • How to choose the best VPS hosting plan?

If you are thinking of upgrading your web hosting to VPS, you must find out whether your current provider is offering the service. Always go for the services of top providers.

  • What can be hosted on VPS?

VPS Hosting Australia is perfect for sites that need more resources than shared servers can actually provide. VPS is perfect for e-commerce sites, businesses, developers and for designers who need undisturbed performance.

South Korea VPS:-

Today VPS Server Hosting in south Korea is used for online business and website hosting. South Korea VPS Server is the best performance server. It provides increase server effectiveness with follow easy steps, so see it is better for you. That is a cheapest and best South Korea VPS Server. Here, you have complete control over your hosting environment. You may pay a little more for this kind of hosting and its quality makes it all worth. You can easily change your website using VPS Server Hosting by Onlive Server. We have actually replaced the hard disk drive storage in terms of security, reliability, and speed among many other factors. If you are still wondering why you should make the hosting switch, here are the come of the advantages of South Korea VPS Hosting.

There are Many Features and benefits of using VPS Server: –

  • It has lots of features and facilities
  • Enjoy cutting edge technology in servers.
  • Complete customization as well as high end processors.
  • You would be able to use control panels like Directadmin and cPanel for full control of your server.
  • You will also be able to enjoy complete security and privacy.
  • It would allow you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting at lower costs.

South Korea VPS Server Hosting Price and Plan: –

Best South Korea VPS Server plans start $16/M with Processor – 1 Core Memory – 1 GB RAM, Storage – 30 GB Space, Bandwidth – Unlimited Data Transfer, IPv4 – 1 Dedicated IP, Network – 20 Mbps, Hypervisor – KVM Architecture, OS – Windows & Linux and Support – Fully Managed.

South Korea VPS Hosting by Onlive Server are highly security suggested for business and websites activities because it usually provide optimum security as well as stability. Best feature of VPS Hosting South Korea systems is that there will be no risk of being affected by dangers such as Trojans, malware, hackers or other harms. The open source platform offers 100% uptime. It can be modified in a way that the OS would be able to handle higher load as well as programs and software which would need less space. Our VPS servers, you can configure your audios and videos to stream faster, thereby augmenting the usability and efficiency of your websites.

VPS & Dedicated Server with SSL & DDOS

Onlive Server basically offers various types of server hosting plans for many countries like Singapore, UK, USA, Germany, France, etc. This company is famous for providing VPS hosting, dedicated server, cloud hosting, OS server, WordPress hosting, etc.

For this time, we have brought plans for the two countries, the first in Singapore and the second in the United Kingdom. Singapore Dedicated Server is one of the best hosting solutions available so far. The same, UK VPS UK is highly secure in the UK. Though the market of web hosting has many options, amongst all of the choices, dedicated server understands the needs and requirements of online businesses. Each hosting type has its pros and cons.

We offer such schemes that are highly protected with SSL and DDoS firewalls. Choosing the right one for your website can be a challenge. But with the right information, you can evaluate the needs and requirements of your website and in this way, you can understand which type of web hosting would be the best. For safe side, any large and big website must go for dedicated servers. The list of benefits that this type of server offers, is pretty long.

  • More secured

If you are thinking about the kind of security, UK VPS and Singapore Dedicated hosting provider, then you shall be more than happy that these servers are known for the level of security they are providing to all the clients. Here you can find the best security-based VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting plans for those websites, who want to get a completely safe fireline on the borders, due to this, we provide SSL, DDoS fireline on the web hosting plan. Any website, which needs to have the most secure web hosting server environment, then a dedicated server should be preferred. Since the server is not shared with any other website, so there is no chance of any malicious, spam or adult site, to harm the working and operation of your site. These servers are the best suited for all those businesses which deal in sensitive information and even for those which receive high traffic. When you will start using a server, which is totally in your use and control and the access points are controlled for the on-site personnel, then it obviously makes the entire virtual environment very secured. Since dedicated servers are much secured in every way, so it is possible for it to get compliance with HIPPA and PCI.

Why Go with Our SSL Protected VPS & Dedicated Server? Onlive Server
Why Go with Our SSL Protected VPS & Dedicated Server? Onlive Server
  • Great performance:

If you compare a dedicated server and VPS with any other, then you will come to know that the former one is better in terms of performance. The best thing about this server is that one does not have to pay any kind of performance tax, the service provider does not give any other user the chance of using the same virtual environment and there is no chance of going with the option of overselling. In short, the client or user gets full authority of using the dedicated server and VPS Hosting.

  • Root level access:

The service provider of each Dedicated Server in Singapore & UK gives the client full administrative access to the server. This root level access makes the client more authoritative and they can have better control not only of the software but hardware too. This control cannot be enjoyed by those which are using shared servers. Once you rent this server and start using it, then you can even do the server’s configuration on your own and can make use of resources the way your website would work best.

  • Can be customized:

Using a server, the way service provider has made, will make you restricted and bounded but if you will use VPS & Dedicated server then you can customize the software and hardware configuration anyway. The configuration process of these servers is very easy and fast. You can get the perfect blend of the server’s processing power and storage capacity in order to make your website run most efficiently. The most amazing part is that the client can customize the server rented by the best VPS dedicated server company as many times as he would need.

The clients usually have some common FAQs. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • How many websites can be run on one dedicated server?

If you have got this server on rent, then it is your choice of making as many websites hosted through it as you want.

  • In how many days, my server can be customized?

It can be customized in one day.

  • Which security do you provide?

Onlive Server Company provides many types of security for your purchased server hosting setup such as DDoS, SSL, etc.

  • What is the charges of Singapore Dedicated Server?

Our Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting plans come at $111/MO.

  • What will be the cost of UK VPS?

At Onlive Server, you can buy UK VPS services at $11 for each month.