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Finland VPS Server Hosting is the correct choice when there’s a possibility of you having to set up your individual software on the server, the amount of traffic that you need is remarkably high, or you would like to ensure that your service features as unproblematic operations as likely. It’s also the apt choice when you have plans of storing sensitive information in your service. As a leading server hosting provider of VPS Server Hosting Finland, Onlive Server Private Limited never implements the over reservation of virtual servers and provide clients with just the capacity that they order. Our clients get the complete managerial rights to their virtual server, and they are free to set up the software that they choose.

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Finland Based VPS Server Hosting

How is our VPS solution good for you?

Every one of our servers is situated in a setting where every critical component is at least replicated. They include disk system, servers, network connections as well as firewalls. As an instance, in the event of a server defect, every virtual server situated within the failed server is mechanically transferred to different servers and the server operation of our clients continues with no disruption.

Thus, as a provider of Finland Based VPS Server Hosting, we provide a highly steadfast platform for the crucial services of our clients.

We’re accountable for the maintenance of a virtual server

Coming to a virtual server, the information safekeeping is critical. Consequently, we as a Finland VPS Server Hosting Company, incorporate an upholding service in the virtual servers of ours. Thus, we guarantee the monitoring of our clients’ server and take care of setting up of vital data security updates. If the need arises, we can take care of the setting up of new software and the setting up fresh users on the server of our clients.

Surefire level of service

The virtual servers of ours nearly always incorporate SLA service level supervision and we warranty 99.9% accessibility monthly for the virtual servers of ours. We gauge the degree of service by the use of a third party.

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