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Hong Kong Datacentre for Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting Server

Hong Kong VPS Hosting

Hong Kong VPS Hosting

Commonly known as Hong Kong, is a client service business which aims at providing them professional IT and networking services and solutions. To make it easier, Hong Kong is an old e-business solution firm which provides a business solution to many emerging and existent business companies.  Apart from this, they also provide Hong Kong VPS Hosting Servers and are also one of the leading Hong Kong Dedicated Server. Their mission is to listen carefully to their clients business needs by focusing on their list of criteria and providing an expert IT servicing team to work on them. With some of the latest internet technologies, latest innovations and system and design concepts, Hong Kong Dedicated Server is giving the best to their customers.

What is VPS and Dedicated Server

VPS Hosting Server OR Virtual Private Server is an essential machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service. VPS has their own edition of OS (Operating System). Cheap Hosting VPS is nothing but a Virtual Private Sector where you can choose one of the several types of web hosting accounts to host your website online. Dedicated Server  refers to  a single in network meant for serving the requirements of the network. In the web hosting business, it refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer which has a web server and other related software too.

What they provide to their customers

  • E-business  combination services
  • Solutions based on industry specific e-Business
  • eCommerce programming for creating web based applications
  • eCommerce consulting and software development
  • eBusiness application products i.e. i8 series
  • Online payment options
  • Intranet and office automation solutions
  • Security and Networking solutions


  • Has a huge infrastructure of dedicated server and VPS hosting server
  • Based in China, Hong Kong, Beijing
  • Equipped with Single, Dual and Quad Core Processor with 32gb -128gb ram and also with 32 cores
  • Gives services to almost 1 lakhs client with Formal Domain
  • Has OS system supporting bandwidth and pooling facilities with high firewall security
  • They have a 24*7 support system with 365 days of operation
  • 24 hours internal and external  video introspection with 60 days retention policy
  • Throughout the year and 24*7 on site building and network monitoring
  • Heavy security staff and strictly enforced security procedures

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