Onlive Infotech provides you Cheapest Ireland Cloud Server just start at $15/month by which you can deal with your virtual servers by means of the Cloud VPS Interface. You can utilize it to make new VPS servers, administrate your record and control your private cloud.

Cloud Ireland

Cloud Ireland

You can likewise stop, restart, reinstall virtual private servers and access the comfort. Our cloud VPS Servers are build exclusively on SSD using modern infrastructures and at low pricing with 100% Uptime Guarantee. Our cloud is redundant on to ensure failsafe performance and it will give you customer support which are online 24*7 hours to resolve any service issue.

Cloud hosting foundation

Steady and quick virtual servers are the fundamental segments of cloud hosting. We have been utilizing groups for more than six years to ensure the most stable stage. The fundamental guideline is greatly secure information stockpiling, joined with overwhelming server hubs that are watched by our high-accessibility frameworks. The virtual servers can assume control errands from each other if essential.

Ireland Cloud Server

Ireland Cloud Processor / Cores / Threads / Speed – Ireland Cloud Monthly Action
Finland Cloud Ireland Cloud Server (4Core × 2.5 GHz, up to 16 GB RAM, up to 300 GB HDD) $15 VPS Finland


Our Onlive Infotech cloud hosting is bolstered by the high-accessibility framework we have created. This framework guarantees that your virtual server will be naturally assumed control by another on the off chance that the essential virtual server experiences issues.

Secure information stockpiling

Your virtual server information will be put away on a Storage Area Network. Numerous duplicates of your information will be put away on a few hard plates. Each SAN has two RAID controllers accessible that give access to these hard circles.

Repetition at each level

Our system is spread over our three level 1 server farms which are associated with each other by our own fiber ring. Inside your preferred server farm, your virtual private server will be taken off on one of the high-accessibility groups we use for our cloud hosting advertising.