Need of Site Lock

To keep our site safe and secure Site Lock is very essential. Site Lock is simply a tool for maintaining security on your website and servers. Through firewall protection layer it gives an ultimate layer of protection for your website. Our advanced technology automatically detects the threats, malicious software, harmful requests and block them as well prevent our website from future attacks. It’s also preventing our website to be blacklisted as well as keep your website online and always running. It accelerates your website speed, performs web app scanning and meets all the basic requirements which a site need. By using our services you will feel secure and fast. Our 24/7 available technical support team are always present for your help. You can contact them anytime whenever you face any server problem.

Prevention of DDoS attacks

Now a day’s hackers get the confidential information of any website easily by DDoS attacks. But we offer a special package which will give protection from most sophisticated DDoS attacks. We provide you customized protection plans, Infrastructure, Web App and DNS DDoS defense with up to unlimited Gbps. Our Site Lock scans your website for issues related to potential security. It protects our website from pharmaceutical hacks, backdoor file Hacks, Trojan viruses, malicious software programs, redirect hacks and much more. Once the scan is completed site will automatically fix the problems and give a message to you.

Boosts Your Website

From security purpose, our Site Lock monitors your server 24/7 and protects it from any type of attacks. So with us, there is no need to worry about your site protection.