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USA Dedicated Server Hosting 

Are you looking for the best and cheap Dedicated Server Hosting? If so, then you have landed at the right place. Onlive Infotech provides the cheapest and effective dedicated server hosting plans for the USA location.

USA Dedicated Server Hosting 

Are you looking for the best and cheap Dedicated Server Hosting? If so, then you have landed at the right place. Onlive Infotech provides the cheapest and effective dedicated server hosting plans for the USA location. Our dedicated server hosting plans access the complete equipment execution as well as the server. By choosing our cheapest USA Dedicated Server Hosting plans, you can avail the complete use of the whole server without any need to share it with others.

Deploy Your Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans In the USA

The USA Based Dedicated Server Hosting

On the ground, many companies offering dedicated server hosting services. But people prefer our cheap dedicated server hosting services company because of the following reasons. If you are convinced to choosing our USA dedicated server hosting plans, then go through the following things.

Reasons to choose our dedicated server hosting plan

  • Dedicated Server Hosting is more flexible when compared to shared server hosting. It is because dedicated server clients have full control over their dedicated hosting servers. This includes a choice of hardware and operating systems
  • USA based dedicated plan is a good and cheapest solution for applications and website hosting with huge traffic volume
  • You can avail of our dedicated hosting plans at just $149
  • You can use our hosting plans for e-commerce applications because we offer high-quality, more secure, and low-cost server hosting.
  • We offer dedicated server for all operating systems such as Windows, Unix, and other popular server virtualization
  • We do a comprehensive analysis of customer requirements and needs. Based on that, we offer customized dedicated server solution to improve productivity with the minimized costs
  • Our server network and hardware have a highly advanced and powerful configuration that ensure your web applications experience much faster load time along with the best user experience

The Basics of Dedicated Server Hosting in the USA

As the name suggests, dedicated servers are remote computers or computers dedicated only to a company, application, or individual. To be precise, Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is a server that meets the needs of only one client. Servers offered by Onlive Infotech allocate all their computing resources to a single client and even perform many different tasks such as link forwarding, hosting, and monitoring. It is absolutely true that a dedicated server works as an internal server but is actually used and managed by a third party. Almost any organization or company can opt for a dedicated server hosting solution in the United States.

Keep this in mind when choosing USA Dedicated Server Hosting Services

What you really need to do is understand the specifications and characteristics of the companies and make the final right choice. The first thing you do is get the services that you are paying for. If your site is basically a hobby site, it doesn’t matter much to you. However, if it is a critical business tool, opting for a USA Dedicated Server Hosting platform in the United States may not be a good option for you. The next important thing to look out for is the pricing tricks. A large number of website hosting providers available in the market offer very low prices initially but may charge you an additional price. Initially, fees can be lowered as they submit their contracts, but then prices continue to gradually increase as the introductory period ends. Hence, it is always very important that you go through the details of the contracts carefully and then make a final decision.

Take into account the credibility of the provider

This was seen as another point largely because of its importance. The trustworthiness of the company you choose is probably one of the most important factors in trying to make the right choice. Make sure the company is clear about its terms and conditions and is known to offer the best solutions ever. Almost any company can pretend to be a real and reliable web host by reselling another company’s product. So take a closer look at the details of the provider. Make sure the company has a contact address and is the sole owner of the company.


Ans. In its work and the services it offers, Onlive Infotech takes great pride. Our clients are also acknowledged, in addition to ourselves. In order to ensure that our customers’ concerns are resolved whenever and wherever they need them, we are happy to offer 24-hour customer service. We promptly and completely address all of their concerns so they may resume their job without further interruption.

Ans. Dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to run your website without any worries regarding bandwidth or storage limits. This means that you can host large files, unlimited traffic, and custom graphics without having to worry about affecting other websites on the server.

Ans. Not only do dedicated servers come with faster response times, but they are also more stable than shared hosts. Dedicated servers also offer greater deduplication and compression capabilities, which can save you money on bandwidth and storage requirements.

Ans. The provider of hosting services is particularly worried about server security and uptime because they are aware of the disastrous effects and financial losses that a DDoS assault could cause. Each dedicated server comes with complimentary DDoS protection to improve your business’s profitability and availability while avoiding unplanned outages. DDoS protection is used to filter malicious traffic coming right from your server while allowing genuine traffic to pass through. The provider of hosting services offers sophisticated controls to tailor security for your applications.

Ans. Both Operating Systems, we are offering Windows and Linux operating systems on your UK-based dedicated server.