Brazil Dedicated Server Hosting

You can get the ultimate level of benefits from Brazil’s Dedicated Server Hosting. It is the right concern for the people to launch the website without any bandwidth issues. Onlive Infotech is a better-dedicated server provider that beneficial for many businesses.

Brazil Dedicated Server

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil

A Brazil dedicated server refers to a specialized type of web hosting where a server is allocated exclusively for the use of a single client or organization. This server is typically located in a data center in Brazil, offering several benefits particularly for businesses targeting a Brazilian audience or requiring data residency within the country.

At the Onlive service provider, you can get the best dedicated service. Brazil is the largest geographical area and business owner ensure the right server for the business. Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil provides the complete access to the business owner and accesses the website at any time. You can make the necessary changes in the website. No one can access the website without your permission. This is the main advantage of the dedicated server. We provide the hosting services at an affordable price. We provide the complete website hosting services to the people. It becomes easy and comfortable for the people to manage the business in a simple way.

Deploy Your Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in Brazil

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
Brazil Server – DSX1 – Intel Xeon X3430 – 4c/4t/2.80GHz, 16GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX2 – Intel Xeon X3450 – 4c/8t/3.20GHz, 16GB RAM, 480 GB SDD, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX3 – Intel Xeon X3450 – 4c/8t/3.20GHz, 32GB RAM, 1 TB SATA, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX4 – Xeon E5620 – 4c/8t/2.66 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 2x 480GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX5 – Xeon E5620 – 4c/8t/2.66 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 2x 1TB SATA, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX6 – 2x Xeon E5620 – 8c/16t/2.66 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 2x 480GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX7 – 2x Xeon x5670– 12c/24t/3.33 GHz, 128 GB RAM, 2x 2TB SATA, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Server – DSX8 – 2x Xeon x5670 – 12c/24t/3.33 GHz, 128GB RAM, 4x480GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil Based Dedicated Server Hosting

Brazil Dedicated Server

Brazil Dedicated Server At Cheap Price

Brazil dedicated server prices vary based on a number of variables, including the hardware specs, bandwidth needs, degree of control, and extra services like security and backups. The cost is typically greater than with shared hosting because of the dedicated usage of server resources, improved speed, and security measures. For small to medium-sized enterprises, basic packages may be more affordable. On the other hand, high-end servers that feature sophisticated processors, plenty of RAM, and enormous storage capacity may come with much higher prices. Furthermore, providers frequently give customizable plans that let customers customize their servers to meet particular requirements, which can also have an impact on the final cost. Prospective users should carefully evaluate their demands and select a plan that strikes a balance between performance requirements and budget.

Brazil Dedicated Server

Best Dedicated Server In Brazil

Brazil Dedicated Server


Ans. Brazil dedicated servers can be reliable for small businesses as long as you choose a reputable hosting provider. A dedicated server can provide small businesses with the resources and control needed to run their websites and applications smoothly. However, a poor-quality hosting provider can lead to poor performance and reliability issues.

When choosing a hosting provider, it’s essential to research their reputation, uptime guarantees, and customer support. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to check their data center infrastructure and network connectivity to ensure that they provide reliable service in Brazil.

Overall, a dedicated server can be a reliable option for small businesses, but it’s important to choose a reputable and reliable hosting provider to ensure that your website or application is running smoothly.

Ans. A Brazil dedicated server provides a client exclusive access to an entire physical server in Brazil. The client rents the server from a hosting provider and has full control over the server’s resources, including the operating system, software, and storage.

Once the server is set up, the client can access the server remotely through a variety of methods, such as Remote Desktop or SSH. They can also use a control panel like cPanel or Plesk to manage the server.

The client can use the server to host their website, run applications, store data, and more. The hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the server and ensuring it runs smoothly.

Ans. Dedicated servers can be used by various organizations and individuals, depending on their needs. Some common examples include:

  • Large and high-traffic websites: Dedicated servers can provide the resources and control needed to handle large traffic and ensure smooth performance.
  • Businesses: Dedicated servers can be used to run business-critical applications and store sensitive data, providing added security and control.
  • Developers: Dedicated servers can be used to develop and test new software or applications.
  • A dedicated server is suitable for businesses, developers, and individuals who require more control, flexibility, and resources than shared hosting can provide. It’s also ideal for companies that need compliance with specific data regulations and have high-traffic websites.

Ans. Yes, a control panel is typically included with a dedicated server. However, it is important to confirm with the specific provider what type of control panel they offer and if there is any additional cost associated with it.