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The Germany VPS server hosting services has long been the most preferred form of web hosting service in Germany that has successfully helped the nation to build up its industry with increased efficiency and productivity. Apart from many advantages of VPS server hosting including, a strong processor architecture, greater RAM and dedicated hard disk space, what truly propels the VPS server hosting ahead of other hosting services, is its potential to provide seemingly unlimited bandwidth.

Onlive Server Private Limited, a company providing VPS Server Hosting Germany, provides bandwidth options like 1000 GB to 2000 GB. Now this does specify a fixed limit, if one looks into the functioning of bandwidths in depth, then it will be realized that the specification in practical terms is almost unlimited.

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Germany Based VPS Server Hosting

Now remember that the bandwidth is the very basic specification that facilitates the transfer of data over the web. Hence, higher the bandwidth, better is the performance, and more the bandwidth more of usage. Bandwidths are generally linked to the link speed of the machine. This link speed is measured in megabits per second. The Germany VPS server hosting company, Onlive Server Private Limited, provide various rental packages with bandwidth varying from 10Mb/s to 1000 Mb/s. Technically this bandwidth usage cannot be unlimited since every hardware has its physical limitation.

However, on viewing the practical implementation of this bandwidth it is found that if the VPS services are used to its maximum potential for maximum hours throughout the month then it sums up to 3TB per month. Now generally the needs of every user trickle down over time, eventually they never end up using the bandwidth to every last bit. Hence, a 2000 GB of bandwidth provided by Onlive Server Private Limited, a Germany based VPS server hosting company, will prove to be practically an unlimited resource.

The bandwidth actually still does remain to be unlimited even after using up the allotted quota. Say for example your rental pack includes a 1000 Mb/s speed, and after using up your allotted quota of 2000 GB of bandwidth you will still be able to transfer data, but at a marked down speed of maybe 100 Mb/s or the minimum 10 Mb/s.

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