What is SSL Certificates and Need?

Onlive Infotech SSL Certificates offer a strong encryption feature to protect your website.SSL basically stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is security technology that makes an encrypted communication in between a web server and browser. It is used at a broad map in online business to remove the risk of stolen of important data. Example of fields where SSL certificates are essential i.e. credit or debit card, important mails, username, passwords, bank accounts, online transactions etc. Usually, our SSL certificates include high strength encryption algorithm and technologies. Our each certificate includes unlimited server licenses, PCI scanning, recognition of browser, 24*7 customer support, website scanning, dynamic site seal and much more. During any confusion, there is always our expert team to help you.

Why SSL Certificate?

Transmission of data in plain text like username or password may be stolen by some as it doesn’t safe from the security point of view. Whenever we do any online transaction, it involves submission of personal data like credit or debits card number, UserID, passwords etc. that is not safe from the security point of view as it can be easily hacked by someone. As we all know before trust and security the people don’t want to share their personal data during online transactions. SSL certificates are that which make a website trusted by users. Any organization whether it is small or medium should always use the SSL certificates to make their site secure so that users will feel comfortable in sharing of their confidential data. Apart from the security, it’s also useful from SEO point of view as Google providing a ranking boost for any web page which depends upon https.

Strongest & Fastest

We have strongest SSL encryption technology which is using SHA-256 with a minimum of 2048 bit RSA keys as well provide ECC support. It provides you ongoing security services. Our SSL certificates will give the fastest loading speed to your website. It is trusted by many popular browsers, device, and applications.