Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Infotech offer dedicated server hosting with several advantages to customers. These are hosting solutions that offer 100% up time along with continuous service. We have wide range of Dedicated Server Hosting plans and expert technical solutions that are designed for businesses that are in the look out of powerful hosting and wonderful customer support. Some of the most attractive features of our server hosting packages include unlimited bandwidth, KVM, professional customer support and blazing fast SSDs. Our hosting plans offer both managed and unmanaged flexibility to the maximum level. If you are in need of secure, fast and high performance servers then you must definitely make the choice of servers.

Deploy Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Best dedicated server hosting offers top quality hosting services to clients. If you are a business owner, you will be able to establish your business very easily in the current market by these hosting solutions. Best server hosting handles servers effectively and thus helps in reducing the different problems faced by the users. The providers have professionals working for them and fulfilling the demands and expectations of the clients in the best way possible. The clients get protective response if they face any issues and they also get the ability of saving their servers from possible threats and damages.

Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Infotech provides cost-effective dedicated servers hosting with high performance. There was this acute need of a hosting solution that could offer the same resources as a committed machine but within prices that can easily be afforded by the budget conscious online businesses. At this time entered server hosting. Whether it is cheap server hosting with the Dedicated arrangement you get root access to record and you are probably the root administrator of your hosting server. The motivation behind why this type of server hosting is garnering huge success is that it comes at a significantly reduced cost.

Difference in Cost

Cheapest Dedicated server hosting are purely economic hosting solutions. With Dedicated server hosting, the users share different physical resources like RAM, CPU and disk space. It is only because of this sharing factor that the hosting company can allow several users on the same server. Hence, the cost per user is generally low and there are economical hosting packages available from the web hosting companies.

On the other hand, the cost of using a dedicated server hosting solution in any other country is not quite affordable. Dedicated server means the users do not share the resources of the server. The resources are fully dedicated to just one user and therefore there is a major hike in the package cost.

Depending on your requirements, you must make the choice of a server hosting solution.