Cheap VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a high-performance virtual private server. It’s a very cost-effective solution to run your website, web application, or other applications on the cloud. Onlive Infotech provides various features such as dedicated IP, firewall, root access, and unlimited bandwidth.

Features To Consider VPS Server Hosting:-


Similar to other kinds of web hosting plans, Cheap VPS Hosting must provide good support. Without a good support option, the whole experience will be spoiled when the website runs into downtime. Managing the different options of VPS might either make or break the system so it is essential to have rapid access to live chat or phone support. The web hosting firm will ensure good support but you have to consider other customers and their experiences in choosing the best one.

User Interface or Backend

If you are planning to switch for shared web hosting then, but you need to be familiar with a specific user interface like CPanel. Thus, to reduce time in learning a new interface, you can prefer the Cheap VPS Hosting with a similar user interface option.


Some of the VPS hosting firms will provide plenty of bandwidth options. The more bandwidth you get from them, the more you need to pay. It seems to be like a trial & error option to determine the specific amount of bandwidth. Ensure that the cheap VPS Hosting service which you utilize will allow you to either increase or decrease your bandwidth and hence you will not be locked up with the wrong bandwidth level.

Free Website Transfer:

This feature will help the user to save precious time. When you are switched to a new hosting service like VPS, but you will be facilitated with a free website transfer option. This will be done in 48 hours and hence save you time and make you free from hassle.

Email Accounts

To use VPS server hosting, you need unlimited email accounts. Prefer Onlive Infotech to get the best VPS service that you want. Moreover, look for the possible fee while establishing the website for the first time.