Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting – The Prime Choice of Professionals

Are you looking to ease the performance of your high traffic website? Do you need faster load times and increased disk space? For those fed up with shared hosting, the advent of a VPS system popularly known as a Virtual Private Server is the perfect choice with excellent features such as root access, stability, and flexibility. The world is now aiming at reducing hardware costs by compressing the huge failover system to a single virtual machine. This is where the Onlive Server’s Cheap Linux VPS Hosting comes in with plans known for anti-spam software, scalability, effective monitoring, and trustworthy security.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is basically a physical machine provided by a VPS hosting company. It is a dedicated device which works for a particular user. In this kind of hosting, a customer can employ or eliminate as per their business size and requirements. In addition to this, several Virtual Private Servers can be installed on a single physical server along with separate operating systems. A virtual private server is the synchrony of a shared hosting service and a dedicated server. It covers multiple aspects of consumer requirements such as managed or unmanaged VPS. A Managed VPS is where the hosting provider also issues an expert support team to manage the customer’s or business’ data server and storage options. Onlive Server is the biggest Linux based Virtual Private Server Hosting Provider company that offers Web Hosting with a database of your choice.  Using a Linux based VPS makes the service cheaper and quicker for the client. With no need for licensing and no port blocks, Onlive Server’s Cheapest Linux VPS  Hosting is ideal for low balance budgets. This VPS hosting service makes routine processes such as computing resources, load balancing, and disk storage way easier.

Why choose the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting?

  • Flexibility – Onlive Server is a prominent firm that offers the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting plan with multiple Operating systems like Debian, Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu. This flexibility and the freedom of choice in selecting an Operating System and a Software of the customer’s liking, on the server makes the VPS hosting more accessible. Onlive Server also provides an upgrade to Windows within the Cheapest Linux VPS at any time as required by the customer. There are many perks of using a Linux VPS system which can be seen through the easy control and access to resources when compared to shared hosting. This is because VPS acts as a dedicated independent server that can run its operating system copy. 

  • Root Access – For those looking for full control over their functions, Onlive Server’s Cheapest Linux VPS offers the industry-standard control cPanel and Webmin for managing a web hosting account. Using this VPS control panel and instant root access, customers can enjoy a free reign over their VPS hosting and site. They automatically get free access to reboot and re-install their server. VPS also allows the customer to choose the geographical server location during checkout for maximum speeds. It gives the user complete power over operations by letting them upgrade the VPS whenever they wish to upgrade.

  • Dedicated Resources – For those with e-commerce businesses wondering about the storage space, Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting plan equips the users with high RAM storage and an equivalent high bandwidth along with free backup and restore tools for the websites. Of the many advantages that this package offers, one is the usage of free Solid State Drives (SSD) which considerably improves the hosting performance. Onlive Servers are also prepared for times of high and low website traffic with the cheapest cloud framework. Their Cheapest Linux VPS hosting service issues options to backpedal to utilize customary frameworks in times of low movement and traffic. Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting permits the capacity to introduce custom programming, thereby granting an all over executive access to the user over the hosting condition.
  • Devoted Customer Service – For those who lack technical savvy, Onlive Server provides managing services at the VPS level where the in-house technical experts will ease the entire process. From software installation to server set-ups with platform optimization and enhanced security, the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting plan will expedite the entire process.
  • Server Monitoring – Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting provides technical team support for those worried about their data back up. A team will be constantly devoted to keeping in check the server data back up and storage of it in a safe place. This will ensure the physical safety and security of the server and will defend it against various virtual threats such as malicious software, hackers, and Denial of Service attacks. Therefore, this special service is the highlight of the plans provided by Online Services. 

First-rate ingredients, such as security, dispensable cloud infrastructure, scalability along with ultimate flexibility, combined with pay-as-you-go billing, give you a taste of the many privileges a VPS host promises to deliver. With easy administrative access over the hosting environment, one can ensure their virtual private server being perfectly tailored to their website. Excellent security and performance ensured by the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting will surely boost a brand’s authenticity among potential consumers.

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