South Korea Dedicated Server

Onlive Infotech contains lots of dedicated hosting plans for your hosting server. All its plans are available at an affordable price with lots of dedicated features. It presents South Korea Dedicated Server at a very cheapest price which is affordable for all type of business class whether it is small or medium. So now if you have a small business and you don’t have much money for the growth of your business then don’t worry about it.

We also do server virus scanning of your whole server at a certain interval of time which is also very useful for server protection. We have given root access permission and control over the panel so that you can do any type of modification on your server without any permission. Our dedicated hosting server is fully customizable so you can install any software in it which you desire as well removes. Our hosting server will be fully managed according to your choice and need. We are not only giving you hosting server but also very careful about its management and services. To look after of your hosting server we hire expert technical support team which is always available for you and monitor your server all day and night. You can also contact them if you face any type of server problem. You can contact them via telephone or email.

Low cost & high bandwidth plans

Our hosting server includes Intel Xeon X5650 x 2 CPUs, up to 6 Core x 2.66 GHz frequency, up to 72 GB RAM, up to 2 TB SATA primary drive, up to 2 TB SATA secondary drive, up to 29 IP’s range and much more. To host your website we offer you up to 100 Mbps bandwidth facility by which you can easily host your large and complex website. Due to high bandwidth facility, you can easily generate more traffic on your website and make it popular. So, with our Dedicated Server , you will get high bandwidth plans at the lowest cost.

Why Choose South Korea Dedicated Server?

Blazing-Fast Internet Speeds: Currently, South Korea has stood among the highest-positioned countries in the global indices of internet speed and access. This means optimized loading speed, increased delight for website visitors, and thus better interactions to your website viewers.

Strategic Location: It situated in honeypot area that has fast connectivity to other Asian markets consisting China, Japan and other ASEAN nations. This means that for your website or your application, if you are targeting those regions more specifically, then you will most likely get the best out of it.

Robust Digital Infrastructure: Some of the features of data centers include fast networks, diverse power sources, controlability in security. Automated cooling system that are well developed in South Korea. This provides the best possible, Availability and www uptime for any website or web application.

Government Support for Technology: The South Korean government has contributed immensely to the growth of this technology by enhancing the technological framework and providing suitable political incentives.

Highly Skilled Workforce: Another factor is a skilled workforce in Korea in information technology, engineers and experienced IT personnel are are available in Korea. The benefits outlined above means that your dedicated server will now be supported and maintained better.

Key Features to Look for in South Korea Dedicated Server

High-Performance Hardware: Select servers furnished with fresh processors, Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC for an ideal performance and high-speed RAM of not less than 32GB and booting up storage SSD or NVMe.

DDoS Protection: Everyone knows that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can severely disable a website or an application. Select a provider that can provide all round protection from DDoS attacks for your valuables on the internet.

24/7 Technical Support: It is crucial that your selected provider provides technical support on a 24/7 basis to help with any concerns or problems that may arise.

Customizable Configurations: Choose a provider that offers choices for certain configurations of server that might be most suitable for your requirement concerning CPU, RAM, disks, and bandwidth.

Scalability: Another factor of consideration when selecting a good provider is whether it is easy to scale up the provider’s services to suit your need as the amount of traffic increases.

Selecting the Right South Korea Dedicated Server Provider

Reputation and Experience: Finally, choose a provider with experience working in South Korean conditions. As they will better recognize the local market’s unique features.

Data Center Location: This is why it is advisable to select a provider that has data centers located in different areas across the Republic of South Korea to ensure that connectivity is easy and latency is low.

Service Level Agreement (SLA): Decrease the chances of the provider giving out a low uptime guarantee, preferably 99 percent or higher, by considering their SLA. availability level of 9% or higher and give money back guarantee if service is down.

Customer Support: Question the provider’s knowledge along with skills by talking to them regarding inquiries or issues to check their access and attentiveness.

Pricing: Auto-procure does involve comparison of prices provided by different providers but make sure you do not go for the cheapest provider. Think about the value proposition on the whole, addressable through combining specific characteristics of computer hardware. Its functions, and usable solutions for any related issues.

Use Cases for South Korea Dedicated Server

  1. High-Traffic Websites: Onlive Infotech is ideal for high-traffic websites that require exceptional performance, reliability, and scalability to handle large volumes of visitors.
  2. Online Gaming: Gaming companies can leverage South Korea’s robust digital infrastructure and low latency to host online games with minimal lag and optimal performance for players.
  3. Financial Services: Financial institutions can benefit from the enhanced security and reliability of dedicated servers in South Korea to protect sensitive customer data and ensure uninterrupted service.
  4. Big Data and Analytics: Organizations that deal with large volumes of data can leverage the high-performance hardware and fast connectivity of dedicated servers in South Korea to process and analyze data efficiently.


South Korea Dedicates Server is a perfect solution for that place in Asia where business or individuals need high performance, reliability and security of hosting. Ensuring to identify the most significant factors for devising an effective online marketing strategy. Choosing the proper provider, you will be able to leverage your online businesses and become successful in the online world.