Customers can choose Dedicated Servers in Singapore from Onlive Infotech as their primary hosting solution or as a backup plan in the event that their existing hosting arrangement should fail or have service interruptions. It is dedicated to providing all of its customers trustworthy, cost-effective, high-quality services along with top-notch assistance at a fair price. Your business will grow and your company’s value will increase thanks to the Singapore Dedicated Server from Onlive Infotech. Faster loading times and higher conversion rates will bring you more clients than shared servers ever could.

Why choose a Singapore dedicated server?

There may be issues, such as data leakage, backup issues, and high latency if you decide to select a dedicated server from any other nation. However, you should not worry about anything if you use Ukrainian servers because their government employs strong security measures. Additionally, we have secured our building so that nobody can enter it without your consent. Trust us, then examine our high-caliber services. Everything that we do will be reasonably priced. All amenities are available at one location. There’s no reason to seek elsewhere. Just contact us today and make your business profitable.

Many businesses provide Singapore Dedicated Server, but the majority of them employ low-quality hardware, so you can have outages or have your data compromised. Because of this, we offer others 100% high-quality service and dependability at a fair price. We are happy that so many big businesses utilize our dedicated server service since they are aware of our dependability! Our engineers are available around-the-clock to help. When something goes wrong, they quickly and efficiently fix it. Many other businesses perform the same services, but their service fees are significantly higher than ours, sometimes even twice or triple what we charge! But in no way is what they offer superior to ours.

Benefits of Singapore Dedicated Server

to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-expanding web economy of today. Keeping abreast of all your available Internet hosting solutions would be beneficial. Sometimes, a shared server that hosts your website may become overloaded and experience slowdowns or outages. A dedicated server provides your website with a dedicated portion of server space for managing your online business. It provides more bandwidth for streaming movies and a quicker loading time for your viewers. Additionally, if something goes wrong with one of the websites hosted on your server. There won’t be any impact on the others.

This is crucial if your website handles sensitive information or e-commerce transactions. Because if hackers gain access to another area of your server, they might compromise them. Businesses handling sensitive information should use dedicated servers since they are significantly safer than shared servers. Additionally, we provide you with total control over your site’s operation. As a result, you are not dependent on someone else to make updates or adjustments. Everything from domain name servers (DNS) to mail servers can be configured. Additionally, FTP and email accounts can be accessed directly through your unique IP address without going through a third party.

Features of Singapore Dedicated Server

  • Dedicated server hosting services with full management.
  • Blazingly fast network connections
  • Prices that even the most discerning buyers can afford
  • No additional charges or hidden expenses for server setup
  • 24/7 technical support with high bandwidth
  • Extremely redundant and scalable server infrastructure.
  • Present SSL certificates
  • DDOS security
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for Dedicated IP Address
  • Running system (Linux or Windows)

Some reasons why choose Singapore Dedicated Server

Your server is entirely under your control. Therefore, you can use the programs that are most effective for your company and install any software you like.

Additionally, it gives your company a lot of scaling flexibility. There is therefore no need to be concerned if you discover that one server is insufficient because all of these things may be done without impairing the server’s overall performance.

Additionally, since professionals manage system maintenance, you don’t have to worry about it. When it comes to server maintenance, who is competent? They also stay current with technologies to guarantee that your server functions efficiently.

Additionally, because it is covered by their plans, you won’t have to pay extra for RAM or hard drive space upgrades. The ability to host numerous websites simultaneously is another benefit of employing dedicated servers. Because Best Dedicated servers provide you complete control over how many websites and domains you want to host on them, they are the best option if you run multiple enterprises.


Try a web hosting business like Onlive Infotech if you’re seeking Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting and a dependable hosting alternative. It is one of the best solutions in Singapore, and since its data center is there, it offers low latency.