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India is one of the biggest consumer markets in the 21st century. A nation with one of the world’s best service sector performance, India has a significant demand and production for Information Technology. Apart from service sector and IT sector, the nation’s economy is propelled through development in all most all the industries and businesses. These situations however, are just ideal for the flourishing of VPS server hosting. Onlive Server Private Limited, an India VPS server hosting company provides the services of virtual machines that can enhance the productivity and efficiency in almost any business; service sectors especially. Now the country already has similar services like shared hosting, already prevailing the market, hence, one might be a bit finicky about this move from shared hosting to VPS server hosting.

Shared hosting is essentially a web hosting service, where the service provider provides dedicated pages for different websites with dedicated domains but from a single root server. This service is also very effective in cutting down the cost of a business, but in many ways falls behind VPS server hosting, which is also a cost-efficient service.

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India Based VPS Server Hosting

In terms of resource: As far as the physical server resources are concerned, in shared hosting all the users for all their pages share a single root server. Companies like Onlive Server Private Limited, however are India based VPS server hosting providers, who allow their root server to architect multiple virtual servers, each acting as a dedicated server to each user exclusively. The VPS server hosting essentially blends in the best of both Shard hosting and dedicated hosting.

The performance area: With all users extensively sharing the same server, Shared Hosting can severely slow down in performance with suddenly increased workload. Additionally the resources cannot be altered in Shared Hosting; they will always remain the same for all the users. With the VPS server hosting India services, like Onlive Server Private Limited, you will get to purchase a high end bandwidth; RAM, processor and hard disk space for your virtual server that will help you maximize the overall performance.

The security domain: In terms of security in shared hosting you are without doubt left wide open to security and data theft issues. As you lack the control of software installation and management controls, you need to solely rely on the company administrators for security measures. With Onlive Server Private Limited, an India VPS server hosting company, you have your own dedicated virtual server with administrative access to the root OS of the main physical server. Meaning you can enforce security measures of your personal preference to protect and preserve your valuable data.

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