France Dedicated Server

One of the most important elements of any website or blog, no matter what its purpose may be, is the server it’s hosted on. Finding the right provider can make all the difference when it comes to security, speed, and reliability -all crucial factors in ensuring your site run smoothly and also grows its visitor base. If you’re looking to move your website to France Dedicated Server, here are three reasons why you should consider doing so today.

Fast server

When you choose Onlive Infotech’s France Dedicated Server, you’ll get a server with a powerful processor and excellent connection speed to improve your site performance. Our servers are built on 2xIntel Xeon Gold 6248R processors and Supermicro X10SDV-7TP8F motherboards, so they have higher frequencies that help increase performance by decreasing data access latency. This creates a better user experience. These servers have multiple cores that allow them to handle more tasks at once, reducing server bottlenecks and ensuring faster speeds no matter how many people visit your site at once. They also have plenty of RAM memory space so that each process has its own dedicated buffer and doesn’t have to compete with other processes or programs.

Boost website performance

When you use France Dedicated Server, as opposed to a shared hosting service, your site will be able to load fast and run smoothly. In fact, France Dedicated Server is often chosen by organizations like Ustream because it gives them an edge over their competition. With Onlive Infotech’s France Dedicated Server, you can get extra performance out of your site and make sure it’s running at optimal speed and availability. This makes France Dedicated Server an ideal choice if you have any type of interactive application on your site that requires quick load times or fast response time in order to function properly.


You want to be prepared if you need to support an increased workload. Since unless a site or service becomes a smash hit right out of the gate, there’s always a chance that it will eventually get more traffic than expected. If you’re not ready to scale up at that point, then things can really go downhill fast. Onlive Infotech offers dedicated hosting in Paris at a fraction of most U.S.-based providers—and it still provides high-speed connectivity and reliable 24/7 monitoring, so all aspects of your service are covered.

Affordable prices

Onlive Infotech offers high-quality web hosting solutions at a great price. France Dedicated Server is available for as little as $35/month, which makes them easily accessible to small businesses and start-ups on a budget. This dedicated server doesn’t only provide you with incredible performance, but it also keeps your costs low and predictable—two things that will save you money in the long run. You’ll never have to pay surprise costs or resort to a plan that doesn’t fit your needs because of cost issues again. Affordable prices combined with great features make it easy to see why so many clients choose Onlive Infotech for their web hosting needs!

Reliable service

If you’re looking to host a corporate site, small business site, or even just a personal site, you need your server to be dependable. Our servers are built using reliable components with over 99% server uptime so that there’s no more risk of your site going offline when users can’t access it. At Onlive Infotech, we don’t leave anything to chance; if something goes wrong with our servers, we won’t keep you in the dark and will be able to fix it straight away.

24/7 support services

A hosting service should provide you with 24/7 support services. This means that you can get help from people who are knowledgeable about a variety of issues relating to web hosting at any time of day. Live chat capabilities and phone support are two ways in which your provider can make sure you have access to these services around the clock. More than just giving you a way to contact technical support, 24/7 support services ensure that you will never be ignored if there is an issue on your end, even if it’s 2 AM and no one in their office can help.

In conclusion, choosing what kind of hosting solution to use depends on a lot of factors. You need to consider your company’s growth rate, your budget, and how much support you need from the provider. But whatever hosting service you choose, it’s important to make sure you’re using one of the top providers, so you don’t face any problems down the road.