UAE VPS Server

The digital age is defined by speed, security, and seamless connectivity. As businesses, bloggers, and developers continually seek to enhance their online presence, the demand for high-quality hosting services intensifies. At the heart of this revolution is Onlive Infotech, proudly presenting its premier UAE VPS Server solutions. But what makes our service stand out?

Plans & Pricing

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
UAE VPS Custom 11 GB 30 GB SSDUnlimited1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates$24.00
UAE VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSDUnlimited 1Dubai, United Arab Emirates$24.00
UAE VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSDUnlimited 1Dubai, United Arab Emirates$41.00
UAE VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSDUnlimited 1Dubai, United Arab Emirates$75.00

Elevate Your Online Presence with Unbeatable Speed and Reliability

Every second counts in the quick-paced online world. Slow-loading websites can cost businesses invaluable leads and customers. We understand this urgency. Our UAE VPS solutions guarantee blazing-fast load times and unmatched reliability, ensuring your website remains accessible to your audience whenever they decide to visit.

Crafted for Performance: Dive into Our Advanced Hosting Features

Performance is more than just speed. It’s about giving your users a smooth experience. With our VPS server, you’re equipped with cutting-edge tools and features designed to optimize website functionality. From advanced caching systems to tailored software stacks, a VPS in UAE has been meticulously crafted to provide peak performance at all times.

Offering Robust Security, Top-Tier Performance, and 24/7 Support

The online landscape can be unpredictable. Cyber threats loom large, with potential vulnerabilities threatening to compromise businesses. Our company takes security seriously. Our VPS hosting UAE comes with fortified security measures, from DDoS protection to regular software patches. And if you ever face any issues? Our dedicated support team is available around the clock, ready to assist, and ensure your online operations remain uninterrupted.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Every Business Need

Each company has distinct needs and specifications. Recognizing this, we offer customized virtual private server in Dubai packages. Whether you’re a budding startup or an established enterprise, we have a tailored hosting solution just for you. Flexible plans, scalable resources, and competitive pricing ensure you get maximum value for your investment.

Onlive Infotech: Where Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Affordability

Investing in advanced technology doesn’t mean breaking the bank. We believe in providing top-tier virtual private server in UAE at prices that businesses of all sizes can afford. By leveraging the latest technological advancements and optimizing our operational efficiency, we’re able to pass on the savings to you, our valued customer.

Step Into the Future of Web Hosting with Our Premium Services

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. To stay ahead, you need a hosting partner who evolves with it. Our well-reputed company is committed to continuous innovation. Our VPS server in UAE represents the very pinnacle of current hosting technology, and we’re always looking to the horizon, anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

Your Success is Our Priority: Unmatched Uptime and Scalability

In the realm of online business, uptime is critical. Revenue might lost for each minute of downtime. VPS hosting in UAE boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime, ensuring your business remains online and operational. As your operations grow, our servers can scale with you, providing the resources you need when you need them.

The Perfect Blend of Speed, Security, and Seamless Integration

Integration is often overlooked, but it’s crucial for optimizing workflows and improving efficiency. Our VPS server UAE easily integrates with a myriad of tools and platforms, from content management systems to e-commerce setups. This seamless integration, combined with our commitment to speed and security, creates a holistic hosting environment primed for success.


The digital future beckons, and with the best and cheapest UAE VPS Hosting, you’re perfectly poised to seize the myriad of opportunities it presents. With unparalleled performance, top-tier security, and unwavering support, we’re here to ensure your online journey is smooth and successful. Experience the difference today. Why wait?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does VPS hosting differ from shared hosting, and what is it?

Answer: VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting provides you with a dedicated portion of a server’s resources, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Unlike shared hosting, where multiple users share the same server resources, a VPS acts as an independent server, offering more control, security, and customization.

2. How do I migrate my existing website to Onlive Infotech’s VPS UAE?

Answer: Our technical team offers migration assistance to ensure a smooth transition. Just get in touch with our support team, provide the necessary details, and we’ll handle the rest.

3. Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS plan as my business needs change?

Answer: Absolutely! Our United Arab Emirates VPS plans designed to be scalable. You can easily upgrade or downgrade as your business evolves, ensuring you always have the resources you need.

4. Do I get root access with my virtual private server Dubai?

Answer: Yes, our virtual private server Abu Dhabi hosting plans provide full root access, allowing you the flexibility to configure and customize your server as per your requirements.

5. What kind of customer support can I expect with my virtual server UAE?

Answer: Our company provides 24/7 dedicated customer support. Whether you have technical questions, need assistance, or face any issues, our team is always ready to help.

6. Are there any bandwidth limits?

Answer: Our cheap and fast VPS UAE hosting plans come with generous bandwidth allowances suitable for various business needs. Specific bandwidth limits depend on the plan you choose but rest assured, we’ve designed them to accommodate high-traffic websites.