I-MSCP (internet Multi Server Control Panel) is a software (OSS) for shared hosting environments management on Linux servers. It comes with a large choice of modules for various services such as Apache2, ProFTPd, Dovecot, Courier, Bind9, and can be easily extended through plugins, or listener files using its events-based API.

When the user runs a website using a web server written by the user, a web server shell can be administrated through I-MSCP (including a command line interface, web version control, and even distribution control). The web server shell interfaces with and runs the website, but the admin of the web server does not take up any of the domain system, reads or writes any of the content in the website, and makes any updates to the browser between requests and responses. No scripts are executed on the web server, and commands and changes done to the browser by a website control system are approved by the server shell and can be directly uploaded into the website using the command and/or interface. It’s easy to write code to make the web server “learn” over time, allowing the web server shell to change the site to any layout or theme required.

I-MSCP has the ability to configure or perform basic web management functions in the web server shell, such as login, logging-in, cache and cache management, cache definition, app list, and domain definition. The web server shell also configures the IP address of the website.

MSCP is a digital library that has access to every white label WordPress Hosting Platform (plus Third Party WordPress Hosting Platform) and allows you to create your own cloud hosting platform or to use the white label WordPress Hosting Platform. This includes white listing WordPress Hosting Platforms and even means that MSCP can configure directories from pages for your websites with some need-fulfillment by the rest of MSCP’s technology, thus creating dynamic APIs that can be written by an external development team.

How Much Will I-MSCP Cost?

I-MSCP must be purchased individually or in bulk (as a starter shell). The price depends on the hosting environment. A starter shell includes a well-built port forwarding protocol web portal and DSM window, which will store and retrieve web information that you wish to import into a MSCP page. This will include general information (such as design command line, boilerplate code, schema, interface, etc.) and also a program, ASP.NET Studio, which is configured to handle web server development. The plan starts at $87.94 and as a starter shell, the package size equals 2TB.

I-MSCP includes database setup for notebooks (MSSM) from MSSM, with port forwarding to DLDB, and a lightweight all-in-one web server shell for containers. MSSM allows a web server shell to write, test, publish, download, and post to a large network of resources by means of a web connection. DLDB is an open-source database which is extensible and flexible, allowing you to build an intelligent database. The email implementation of Windows server allows you to post to both Outlook Mail and GCRP.

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