Onlive Infotech provides you best three different plans of cpanel Web Hosting with cheapest price.

  • Standard cPanel Web  Hosting : $2/ month, One Domain Hosting , 5GB SSD Space
  • Business canel  Web Hosting : $5/ month, 10 Domain Hosting ,60GB SSD Space
  • Reseller cpanel Web Hosting : $9 / month, 20 Domain Hosting ,150 GB SSD Space

Features of cpanel Hosting

1. Manage FTP Accounts: File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a protocol that provides users to upload and download all the files and also create or delete them, organize your files in your folder and allows you to change the file according to user permissions.

2. Strong Database support service: cpanel also provide you MYSQL and postgre SQL to support your cpanel. Both of them are arrange query languages that are mostly used to collect information from databases. We also provide you security so that your website has solid database management system.

3. Add Multiple Domains: If you want to add multiple Domains? Onlive Infotech provides you web hosting that allows you to add multiple domains and also edit the zone files of the domains by modifying their records. If a client want his website with a different domain name, it can be easily possible through domain aliases in cPanel. cpanel can also redirect a particular web page to another domain bu using the redirect feature. We allows you to add sub –domains.

4. Manage your email easily: Onlive Infotech allows you to manage your email so easily with cpanel web hosting as it offers wide variety of option. With the help of cpanel you can possible to create, edit and remove email accounts. You can also easily change your password. You can also set the, mailbox quota and can easily configure your mail box with your user as Outlook. Cpanel is also easily to configure your emails with your Gmail account. Cpanel provided you a mailing list option which helps you to send emails to multiple users easily. You can filter your emails as per your requirement and forward the mail easily to those people you want.

5. Softaculous for Installing Application: With just a single click cPanel web hosting offers you Softaculous script installer which helps users to install their applications easily. With the help of softaculous you can easily install more than 400 applications. Applications include Word Press, Joomla, Magento etc. Nowadays cpanel web hosting become very popular among web professionals.

6. 24*7 Support- Our support team provide you 24 hours service. If you are facing any issue regarding cpanel web hosting you can ping us on our live chat or send us mail on our support mail id.