Domain Name Finder

Domain Name Finder

So, you are all set to carry out a domain name search, right? What do you do next? Of course, you will have to work on finding the right Domain Name Finder. Speaking of domain name finders or registrars, all of them are not the same. Apart from the pricing, attributes like protections against domain name hijacking and grace periods for the expired domains are significant criteria to consider when choosing a domain name registrar.

Going for the Right Domain Name Registrar

Ok, so here you will not get any comparisons of the different registrars operating in the market or recommendations to go for a particular domain name registrar. Instead, you will get proper information on the important factors you need to consider when choosing the right registrar.

Domain name finders or registrars are basically businesses enabling organizations and people to find domain names and then register the same. There are a large number of such companies authorized by the ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to serve as domain name finders or registrars. All these companies operate with their very own pricing structure, security protocols, and feature set. These companies make it very easy for individuals and businesses to carry out domain name search for their desired domain names.

Do Domain Name Finders Offer Desired Domain Names?

The ones carrying out domain name search are usually aware of the domain names they are looking to register. This also goes for you if you are looking for a domain name. Hence, when looking out for a domain name finder, you must first ensure that the finder has the ability to offer the domain name that you desire. Remember, not all the finders have easy access to the top-level domains like .net, .com, or .biz. However, the best finders will surely have user-friendly domain names and search criteria that can perfectly be used for confirming whether or not it will be possible to register a certain domain name.

Look for Honest Pricing: It’s Important

When you go for a popular domain name finder, you will see that your domain name search will not be an expensive one. That’s because the majority of these registrars provide excellent deals on domain name searches and registrations. However, it is always important to go through the fine prints first. This is because it is quite likely to come across companies or registrars that offer fake deals only to grab the attention and the business of the customers. Once they have loyal customers, these registrars speak of all possible extras their clients might not be aware of initially.

So, the matter of fact is that you must try and avoid the services of such registrars. Always remain aware of extras such as private registration and domain renewal, as these are fields that can be unreasonably expensive. Hence, you must completely avoid getting bundled in such deals. For users buying domain names at such low introductory rates, it will be the right option to transfer the domain to some other finder for renewal so the inflated renewal rate can be avoided.

Remain Aware of the Transfer Fees

You might not know, but you can register your domain name for a time span of 60 days. Once this is done, the domain name becomes eligible for transfer to some other finder or registrar. When using the services of a domain name finder, it is quite likely for you to come across registrars imposing exorbitant transfer fees for discouraging the customers from transferring the domains. Now, this is something that can place you in a very difficult situation as a customer, especially if you decide to switch the registrar while keeping the domain name the same. Hence, it works to find registrars with proper or low domain name transfer fees. The best is to find registrars with no domain transfer fee at all.

Always Check the Expiration Grace Period

The majority of the domain name registrars provide auto-renewal solutions without any grace period for the expired domain names. This grace period post-expiration comes as good help for the customers who have missed the deadline for the expiration of their domain names. This can also have a major impact on the users who were already using the auto-renewal services of the registrar, specifically if their respective credit cards on file have expired.

Making the choice of the right Domain Name Search with a proper grace period is important for the users looking to be sure that they do not lose their domain names in any circumstances. This also comes as a good sign of the fact that the finder is not trying to capitalize on the expired domain names.

Security Always Matters: Protection against Domain Name Hijacking is Important

By domain name hijacking, it means changing the registration details of a domain without the knowledge of the original registrant or owner of the domain. To be more specific, this is a fraudulent practice where another fake user takes up complete control of a domain that is not owned by him or her or by a business. This is generally done with the intention of selling the domain to any competitor or to the victim itself. Since domain name hijacking is an important concern these days, it is always important to go through the security protocols and the authorization procedures of the registrar before availing of its services.


That’s it! If you have these steps in mind when looking for a domain name or when taking the services of the domain name finders available out there, it will not take you much time to find the domain name of your dreams.