Turkey VPS Server

Make your Website Hosting effective with Turkey VPS Server

Make your Web hosting effective and most demanding with our Turkey VPS Server. We are a cheap hosting service provider with a quality server. We added all the hosting features which a hosting website need. Our hosting server is secure from security reasons. From security reasons, we offer firewall security to your server that protects your server from unauthorized access and from malicious software programs. For server data security we keep the data in encrypted form and use a decryption key to open that.

To recover your data from the disaster we regularly take the backup of server’s data and keep it far from your own data center. So, in the case of any disaster, you can easily recover your server’s data without any data loss. We also have your choice of operating system. Generally, we have Linux and Windows based operating system. For Linux, we have a choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, and SUSE and for windows, we have a choice of Windows Server from 2008 to 2013. We use Hyper-V and OpenVZ advance technology in our VPS hosting server. OpenVZ is a technology in Linux which allows a single server to run on various operating systems.

From the security point of view, we provide you firewall security that protects your server from unauthorized access. We also do server virus scanning at a certain interval of time. As well we provide you an expert technical support team which is always available and monitor your sever all day and night. You can also contact them anytime whenever you face any server issue. They will respond you very quickly.

Besides these all, we offer you full root access to your server. So, you can do any modification or update in your hosting server without others permission. As well, you can add your choice of software in it or remove.