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At Onlive Infotech, Get Web Server Hosting solution with reputed Company that offers multiple of Processors for USA location. Onlive Infotech is going to introduce USA based Server Hosting plans, which provide brand new 2x Core Intel Xeon processor functionalities with the Servers especially for USA (Kansas City, Missouri) location. Incidentally, we provide server hosting plans for several locations in USA with latest Intel Xeon Processor such as: Dallas, Texas, Cincinnati, Berkeley Springs West Virginia, Columbus Ohio, but we are dedicating W-Series of processor particular for Kansas City, Missouri location. Purchase Cheapest Web Servers on the Onlive Infotech website, we are offering oaky hosting services with attractive features like: VPS Server Hosting, Cloud Server Hosting and Best Dedicated Server Hosting. Get established your largest or smallest Online business work at Skyline via Onlive Infotech Services.

The new Intel Xeon W-series is an 8c/8t/2.5Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD CPU with a base frequency and maximum turbo features. Onlive Infotech Technology brings USA based Dedicated Server Hosting plans with affordable rate for based on monthly $121/.

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Proceed Your Website Significance with these Fast Technologies: –

Ultra-latest Custom Server

  • New – CPU: 2.5Ghz – 3.3Ghz Turbo – Two Processors (20 Cores / 40 Threads)
  • Efficient Memory: 64GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • Biggest Space: One 480GB SSD or 4TB Hard Drive
  • Enough Bandwidth Service: 1Gbit Port: 100TB/Monthly
  • Server Internet Protocol – IPs: /29 (5 Usable IPv4 Addresses)

Supreme Hard Drives are Available at Our Dedicated Server Plans: –

  • 4TB SATA Hard Drive
  • 6TB SATA Hard Drive
  • 8TB SATA Hard Drive
  • 10TB SATA Hard Drive

Make Website Status Superb by USA Dedicated Server at Internet World: –

Gain the following functions exclusively at, If you want to launched your business-based application like: Gaming, Sale-Purchase application at Web Hosting Industry then you find to choose our latest Dedicated Server Hosting plans with ultra-fast Xeon processor. We make sure, it will be better help to you in develop your biggest online business. Our newest USA Dedicated Server services come with all the capabilities and help for any size of business.

See All Features and Benefits Before Purchasing Our Latest Dedicated Server for US: –

  • DDoS make Topmost firewalls for the new Dedicated Server US
  • SSL master Protection, it makes unbreakable walls around the Hosting Plans
  • Obstacle Free – Technical Help at all time
  • USA Data Centre Services with no Hassle
  • Avail the 24*7 Stability
  • Immediately activation for Your Server account, without extra fees!
  • Save & Secure time during the take Server plans
  • Trouble Free Speed
  • Acuteness in Connectivity without problems
  • Get first-class control via Web Control Panel
  • Fully based on Operating System: Windows & Linux
  • Full PHP & MySQL database Assistance
  • Get first-class control via Web Control Panel
  • Fully based on Operating System: Windows & Linux

Use the Better way of New Function for Your Huge Online Markets

Data centre edge lines by the Onlive Infotech, we offer best tiers for the fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting services. Our USA based Data Centre gives finest facilities for Dedicated Server to the high extent, you can manage and customize your dedicated server plans when you needed by the Manageable and customizable Option. Take high & complete CMS installations on the Server Hosting plans like: (formerly Universal Content Management), OU Campus, Pulse CMS, Microsoft SharePoint, Sitecore, Sitekit CMS, Telligent Community and others.

Our server staff, you will get the high convenience to choose great Dedicated Server Hosting plans for your applications or E-commerce.

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