Malaysia VPS Server

Malaysia VPS Server & Dedicated Hosting:-

Choosing the right Malaysia Dedicated Server hosting for your website becomes really confusing at times due to innumerable reasons as you have to consider many points before you finally opt for a professional company. Well speaking of a professional dedicated hosting company you can easily opt for Onlive Infotech. With their expert services on Malaysia Dedicated server or cheap Malaysia VPS Server Hosting you really don’t have to worry about any unwanted situations in the near future. But then, before choosing the company you being the buyer should consider the following points to get a better provider if possible.

What is e-commerce ?

Well, e-commerce or electronic commerce is the electronic transaction of information with the help of Internet. From customer based retail websites to the business trading website, the world of e-commerce business is huge and expanding infinitely. In this fast paced tech-driven world, people love the concept of getting things or ordering things just with the help of a simple click. One click select and one click pay; your goods will be delivered. But, still there is the most important question that has to be kept in mind and that is,


This includes everything from OS, Web server and database server, performance, bandwidth, management and also the network you need for your e-commerce portal. So make sure the company you are choosing, is extremely sound with the technological aspects.


You have to plan a budget for choosing the right and dedicated hosting for your e-commerce portal. Be it that monthly tariff details, or the setup fees, the software licensing fees, etc, you have to make sure you know it all.

Business Requirements:-

This includes- Security (Firewalls, protection against distributed DOS attack), disaster recovery, PCI compliance, etc

24*7 Customer Care:-

All time available customer support system. You should opt for those dedicated servers, which have a 24*7 support system

SSL Certified:-

Security Socket Layer, this is the most important and the most important factor. SSL certificate is really important as it encrypts your data, which includes your- card details, account details, password, etc.