How to Set Up Game Dedicated Server Hosting

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Since the very early days of personal computer gaming, Game Dedicated Server has become one of the top perks of PC gaming ever more than real rather than other platforms. Rather than of having to depend upon the potential multiplayer service from the developer or publisher, setting up the own dedicated server for compatible games allow you much more stability, customization according to your circumstances, along with proper control and supreme authority which is not at all affordable when you play from the external servers.

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

For multiple games running your own game server is considered as a great way where you and your friends can play multiple games such as; Counter Strike: Global Offensive, ARK: Survival evolved, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft etc.

You can still define your parameters and can run other VoIP services on your private server.

The Necessity For Hosting Your Own Dedicated Server –

Public multiplayer either utilizes client servers or peer to peer hosting. Although both are not appropriate. Client servers are run by the primary hosting which happens to manage connections from many individual players. This sever configuration happens to be addressable to many people. There are even lack of proper advantages like no proper customization is available.

P2P hosting is also another popular choice in multiplayer gaming organizations or for individuals. P2P allows a single player to dynamically act as a host that benefits the connection of other players. You become dependable upon the connection of whoever gets chosen as a host. Poor host connection leads to a poor experience.

That is why a dedicated game server is often necessary where you can easily play the multiplayer games with almost zero limits on performance and stability. The experience remains of supreme quality where there are lesser tempo cuts as well as dropped connection.

In case the download speeds are not as high or low, the other users connecting to your servers may face issues in connectivity and other problems of dropdown and lag. The easy remedy out of it is setting up a local area network. The LAN is only used by the friends of the same network.

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Necessary hardware for your servers –

A Cheap Dedicated Server is a great way of putting extra mileage on the old pc. Usage of a separate system for gaming servers frees the unnecessary data and resources on your system. It also assists in adhering greater security and stability of the gaming server and Pc also.

Below mentioned are some of the server hardware requirements which will help you to ensure that you can host the largest games. These specs can be a decent baseline for most of the 32 player multiplayer games. The power is generally high for the 64 or more players game.

64 bit windows OS (for Linux with compatible games)

Solid State Drive (SSD). It is best to run a server on a mechanical hard drive. Slower speed often causes problems.

A minimum of 8gb ram. The optimum is having a 16gb ram or higher.

Quad-core Intel CPU, a minimum of 2.5 GHZ clock speed.

Setting Up a dedicated server with Stream Options –

It is better to understand that many of the most commonly played computer games uses streams for their multiplayer architecture. Generally, it provides with the opportunity of a convenient and centralised way of setting up a dedicated game server.

Before you initialise it is necessary to check out the dedicated servers list in the stream developer wiki to make sure that the game you are looking to host is supported. In the wiki it is also available for availing helpful links to have step by step instructions.

Dedicated Server Hosting