India Dedicated Server

India Dedicated Server

So, you are in the lookout of a powerful server hosting solution for your resource-intensive and high-demand applications? What would be the right option for you? Of course, India dedicated server. Budget-friendly and high-tech India dedicated server hosting solutions available from Onlive Infotech comes as the best option for sites experiencing a lot of traffic. The company offers top quality India Dedicated Server and other country-wise servers duly optimized for high speed and performance. Going for the dedicated server hosting solutions of the company means customers would not just get good quality services but even save a huge amount of money.

First of all, the servers are hosted at safe and secure data centers across India which means the users do not need to worry about server downtime. In addition to this, they get to make their choice from an assortment of low-priced India dedicated servers from a selection of Linux and Windows operating systems. Also, they get to make their choice from a host of various other customization options. The servers remain connected to high speed networks and are protected using highly advanced firewalls. They are even backed with technical support which is available 24/7. And for all these functionalities and features, you will be paying a meagre amount of $179.

Testing before Buying is Important

It is always a good idea to test an India dedicated server before buying it. Many hosting providers operating in the market give their prospective customers the chance of testing their dedicated servers with their applications or websites before coming up with the final decision on whether they would at all like to go with the servers of the company. There are risk-free server trial options available for the customers. These options allow the customers to explore the web hosting services of a company thoroughly. This further helps them in coming up with the final decision. Prospective buyers also get the option of contacting the support teams of the service providers if they have any queries related to the terms and the conditions of such trials.

Huge Selection of Operating Systems

Regardless of whether you are in the look out of Windows India dedicated server or Linux dedicated servers, the providers have every operating system you require. Customers get the scope of choosing from varied version of Linux and Windows operating systems. They can make the right choice of the software their business requires from a huge selection of Linux alternatives like CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora. In the Windows OS category, they get Windows 2016, Windows 2019 and Windows 2012 as well.

Servers Hosted in Secure Data Centers

One of the best things about India dedicated server hosting providers is that they have their servers hosted in fully secure and safe data centers across India. The servers are located in state-of-art datacenters boasting of Tier 4 security and protection. These data centers also feature high-grade and top quality hardware along with superb scalability. Boasting of great security and robust reliability, India dedicated servers come as the perfect solution for businesses. They offer good latency rates and speed as well. Going for an India dedicated server means the users will quickly observe a significant rise in their SEO rankings.


If you are a company that requires complete control on your site and your server then it is necessary for you to go for India dedicated server hosting solutions. By going for such services, you will be fetching the advantages of in-house servers without making major investments in management, cooling, power, and hardware. It will be a great opportunity for you to achieve huge business success within the shortest time possible.