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Cheap VPS Server Hosting New Zealand

Entrepreneurs in New Zealand will find the New Zealand VPS server hosting services the best alternative to dedicated physical servers. Virtual machines might not perform as superiorly as dedicated physical servers, especially with hashing algorithm like CPU dependent processes, but when it comes to cost-efficiency and mass-scale productivity (two major points of interest in a business sector) VPS server hosting New Zealand services will beat dedicated physical servers hands down.

Deploy Your Cheap VPS Server Hosting Plans in New Zealand

New Zealand Based VPS Server Hosting

VPS services are quintessentially virtual machines that are sold as a service to various individuals or businesses. The VPS operates on its own dedicated OS (either windows or Linux,) to which the buyers / users get a superuser level access. The users can use these virtual machines to run any software or application compatible with the OS and the physical hardware of the VPS.

Best VPS Server Hosting in New Zealand

Onlive Server Private Limited, a New Zealand based VPS server hosting company will provide you with all the typical VPS benefits that can propel your business towards superior excellence, productivity and efficiency.

Performance variety: Onlive Server Private Limited provides a wide range of plans that you may choose from in accordance with your system requirements and business budget. You may avail the pre-configured plan or even custom every specific hardware aspect as per your need. In terms of processor, Onlive Server Private Limited provides a selection of single core, dual core and 4 core processors. The RAM options are available up to 16 GB and hard disk options up to 300 GB of HDD. Further, a bandwidth flexibility up to 1000 GB is also provided by this New Zealand based VPS service providing company.

Cost efficiency: The very elementary aspect that leads to your cost efficiency is that everything is included within your monthly rent. You are even graced of the payments on buying of an original Operating System, as you will be using the mother OS installed on the VPS server. The New Zealand VPS Server Hosting Company, Onlive Server Private Limited, can provide you a very economic system configuration of a single core processing unit with 1 GB RAM, 30GB HDD and a bandwidth of 500 GB at monthly rental of only $49, and that too with both Linux and Windows OS availability.

If it is performance in terms of cost you are looking for, then you will never find anything as appropriate as the VPS server hosting companies in New Zealand. Like every other services, you simply need to pay your rental and continue your usage.

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