Cheap Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting And Cloud Hosting Cheap Plans

If you cannot make the right choice of a Hosting Plan, you face many problems in your business and you not to able to show your products to a global audience. so we here to announce our company provide Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting Cheap Servers to a client at a very affordable price. our servers works best for the small as well as big businesses because it can offer unlimited resources for expansion and increase the growth of business with other server they may not be able to grow as fast because resources. Our Server Hosting provide a higher level of control, performance and stability. we also provide 24/7 support and a 100% uptime SLA . Our Dedicated Server Hosting full-fill your need a huge amount of resources and superior security. its is separate server that is devoted only to your business. That means that you don’t have to share any resources with other websites and have full control over the server’s capabilities. we also offer KVM facility in our Cloud VPS Server Hosting that maintains your website performance.

Specifications of a Dedicated Server Hosting:-

Take a look at Dedicated Server Hosting packages. Here is an overview:
RAM: Up To 16 GB RAM,
CPUs: Up to 4 Core processor, 8T, up to 3.2Ghz,
Hard Drive Space: Up to 1TB SATA
Operating System: Linux or Windows
Pricing: Available at Minimum Price

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting:-

Ultimate option our Dedicated Server Hosting offer ultimate option in terms of power and control as all the server’s key resources are available only for your usage.

Is customizable –  you can add software and hardware that you want.

Volume of traffic – Can easily manage the massive volume of traffic, no effect of peak times. That is more secure and reliable.

Complete control – It allows running of all types of scripts and software, as complete control and responsibility.

Cloud Hosting Cheap Plans:-

It is one of the most popular kinds of Hosting services. Most of the companies are option for Cloud VPS Server Hosting. Cloud VPS has virtual compartments with OS, bandwidth and disk space. The user uses his virtual compartment which gives a feel that he is using his own server, and it’s quite affordable, priced lesser than a other server. Also, it offers more enhanced features than shared hosting like security, root access, etc. Cloud Hosting Cheap comes with safe, centrally managed and easy storage solution.

With SAN Storage you :-

  • Get free of maintaining different disks.
  • Get quickly backup bandwidth and high-speed network.
  • Get quick and easy access to important data from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Add more resources as per needs as SANs are highly scalable.

Benefits of Cloud VPS Server Hosting:

  • You can get customized resources and thus, pay only for what you use.
  • Is easily scalable, so you can add or remove the resources as per your growing business needs.
  • You get the control and security measures with root access.
  • You get good performance as there’s minimal server load.

About Onlive Infotech:-

Basically Onlive Infotech provide Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud VPS Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting Cheap Plans to any location such as Japan, Dubai, Israel, Italy and many more. Its depend to client choice which server he/she wanted to their business. If your business suite Dedicated Server Hosting you choose our Dedicated Server Hosting Plans from and if your budget is low compare to Dedicated Server so you choose our Cloud VPS Server Hosting both are best choice.

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