Russia VPS Server

Russia VPS Server

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of Russia VPS Server at a cheap price just start at $21/month. It includes lots of hosting features which we usually desire for our hosting website. It has features like High bandwidth facility, Powerful security, and HDD storage of data, expert technical support team, 24/7 server monitoring team, Data backup facility and much more.

Specialty of our Hosting server

Sometimes we face many problems during the hosting of a large website. So, to give the relaxation we provide you high bandwidth facility. Now you can easily host your large or complex websites & generate more traffic on that. As well as make it popular for your business purpose. Apart from that We also offer you the choice of the operating system so that you will choose your choice of operating system. Generally, we have the operating system based on Linux and Windows. Linux is totally based on OPEN VZ and Hyper-V technology. As well Windows hosting server is totally based on the .net framework and support all windows based applications.

Our fully Managed Cheap VPS Russia Server includes managed firewall security system which protects your server from malicious software.We are also very careful about your server’s data. For the security of your server’s data, we take the backup of it at a regular interval of time and keep it far from your own data center. In the case of any disaster, you can easily recover your server’s data without any loss.

Russia VPS Server

Russia VPS Processor / Cores / Threads/ Speed – Russia VPS Monthly Action
UK VPS Russia VPS Server (Up to 4×2.5 GHz, Up to 16 GB RAM, Up to 300 GB HDD) $21 VPS Russia

Managed Security system

Besides these all, We offer you an expert technical support team which is always available for you. They monitor your server all day & night and during any server, the issue resolves it quickly. You can also contact them anytime whenever you face any server issue. They will respond you very quickly.

Instant Setup

We provide you instant server setup so there is no need to wait for a long time. The server set up is free of cost. We don’t take any hidden charges for server setup.

Full Control Over The Server

We offer you full root access to your server so you can do any type of modification in server setup. Like you can delete and update anything or make any changes in it. You will get a fully customizable hosting server so you can customize it according to your requirement. You can install any software in it which you need as well remove.

Data Center Facility

On the demand of our customer, we offer our own data center nearby you in Russia location. Due to nearer data center facility, you will get Up to 99.99% network uptime guarantee and you won’t have any server issue.