Thailand Dedicated Server

With high-performance equipment that needs of the clients, Onlive Infotech provides Thailand Dedicated Server Hosting services for companies. Our dedicated servers are perfect for companies with busy websites. Intricate applications that need quick processing power, lots of storage space, and dependable support. To help you fulfil your business needs, our technical support team works around the clock to make sure your server is always up and working smoothly.

You also have the option to tailor your server to your specific company needs because you have total control. A server is one that is only made available to one client for use. It is a physical server that is not shared with any other clients, as opposed to shared hosting, which enables numerous websites to use a single server’s resources. When you use a server, all of the server’s resources, including processing power, storage, and bandwidth, are completely at your disposal.

Dedicated servers are ideal for companies that want high-performance resources to run apps or websites that receive a lot of traffic and computations. Owning a dedicated server provides a company complete control over the hardware, software, and operating system. We offers adaptable plans that provide scalability and dependability while keeping costs to a minimum. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our Server Hosting options.

What is a Dedicaed Server?

A dedicated server is one that is solely set aside for usage by one client. In contrast to shared hosting, which allows multiple websites to share a single server’s resources, it is a physical server that is not shared with any other clients. You have complete access to all of the server’s resources, including processing power, storage, and bandwidth, when you use a dedicated server.

Businesses who need high-performance resources to run websites or apps that demand a lot of traffic, computations, and processing power should use servers. Businesses who own dedicated servers have total control over the server’s operating system, software, and hardware. With high security requirements, demanding regulatory compliance. And dealing with huge traffic levels frequently prefer it because it delivers the flexibility and customization needed to run an operation.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Thailand Dedicated - DSX3One IP AddressUnlimited Bandwidth with 100 Mbps SharedBangkok, Thailand$299.00
Thailand Dedicated - DSX2One IP AddressUnlimited Bandwidth with 100 Mbps SharedBangkok, Thailand$199.00
Thailand Dedicated - DSX1One IP AddressUnlimited Bandwidth with 100 Mbps SharedBangkok, Thailand$149.00

Listed below are a few benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting solutions:

1. High Performance: These server hosting options come with high-speed processing power, large storage capacities. And limitless bandwidth, making them ideal for applications and websites with significant traffic.

2. Dependability: Technical support teams continuously check on dedicated servers to make sure they are operational. They are less likely to crash or encounter downtime than shared hosting because there is no competition for resources with other customers.

3. Complete Control: With a dedicated server, you have total control over the hardware, operating system, and software of the server, allowing you to modify it to suit your business’s needs.

4. Scalability: Dedicated Servers can be readily scaled up or down to match shifting business needs. This makes them perfect for companies who suffer a sudden increase in traffic or need extra resources to manage more data.

5. Security: To secure the integrity and safety of your data, this servers offer cutting-edge security features like firewalls, DDoS protection, and SSL certificates.

6. Dedicated servers are cost-effective for medium- to large-scale companies performing complicated activities.

Features of Dedicated Server

1. entirely customizable plans: Onlive Infotech offers Thailand Dedicated Server hosting plans that can be entirely customised to fit the needs of companies of all shapes and sizes.

High-Speed Processing: Dedicated Server Hosting provides high-speed processing capability, resulting in quicker website or application load times.

3. Complete Control: With a dedicated server, you have total authority over the server’s hardware, operating system, and software. As a result, you have the freedom to modify the server to suit the unique requirements of your company.

4. limitless Bandwidth: Our Dedicated Server Hosting plans include limitless bandwidth, guaranteeing that you can easily handle heavy traffic volumes.

5. Advanced Security Features: To secure your data from online threats, dedicated servers are outfitted. With advanced security features such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and SSL certificates.

6. Technical Support Available Around the Clock: Our support team is here to help you with any server-related inquiries, problems, or questions.

7. Scalability: Dedicated server hosting options are very scalable, enabling companies to add or subtract resources like CPU, RAM, or storage as required.

What impact will this have on the number of your e-commerce websites?

Onlive Infotech’s Dedicated Server Hosting services, on the other hand, can assist companies in enhancing. And the functionality of their e-commerce websites, which enhances the user experience. A website’s speed, dependability, and user experience can all be enhanced by having access to robust hardware resources. Such as high-speed processing power, unrestricted bandwidth, and customizability.

Businesses may boost client retention, happiness, and engagement through dependable. And secure hosting solutions,.It will encourage repeat business and boost revenues. Growing e-commerce websites that need a strong and dependable hosting solution will benefit greatly from Dedicated Server Hosting’s. And its ability to scale with businesses as they grow and handle large traffic volumes.


Businesses can host their online activities with the Dedicated Server Hosting services provided. These services are strong, dependable, and customised. Businesses have the freedom to efficiently and successfully manage their online operations. And thanks to total control over the server’s operating system, software, and hardware.

High-speed processing power, limitless bandwidth, and cutting-edge security features are all included in Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting packages. It ensure the greatest possible performance from your website or application. The servers are always being checked by technical support staff to make sure they are continuously operational, giving businesses the dependability they need to conduct their online operations.

Additionally, the affordability of Dedicated Server Hosting services. And can help small- to medium-sized businesses stay competitive in the market.