Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel is an open source hosting control panel. It is a best cost effective and it is also a best alternative to cPanel. Vesta Control Panel has the same ability as the cPanel. For your client management vista gives you low cost option. Vista Control Panel is free and you can install easily. Vesta Control Panel help to configure web based control panel for linux like system. Even a beginner system administrator can able to manage websites in VPS using Vesta Control Panel.  It is simple yet powerful control panel for linux. VCP is developed by Serghey Rodinand and all the features of Vesta Control Panel maintain by him only. For maintain a small server Vesta provides more than enough features.

Vesta Interface

Vesta Control Panel has a clean user interface and it is as simple to access as any control panel. We provide you all the information regarding with users, registered domain, mails, data bases, DNS records, Cron Job is available on the dashboard. Vesta control Panel make easy to create new user account, registered domains, Data bases, DNS record. After a specific period users can run command automatically with the help of Cron jobs.

Vesta Contol Panel is run currently with the following operating system.

  • RHEL 5 & 6;
  • CentOS 5 & 6;
  • Debian 7;
  • Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04/13.10/14.04.

How to install Vesta Control Panel?

To get started with Vesta Conrol Panel, you have to create a Vesta root command prompt. In the new command prompt on the new Vesta directory create a folder called Vesta and type the command VestaTalk(config ): The next thing you have to do is create a file name VestaForAdmin which you have to put name, password, access token and then submit and delete the administrator commands before you run this file.

Then navigate the console and type this command:

Where next you have to type:

And then navigate to:

Where you will see a new tab on the display screen called Compiling the Vesta control panel. Make sure you watch the outline of your project, click OK. You will be instructed to create an entry which should have the following name and the username – Administrator.

Add the following command to create the Vesta controller process .

On the other hand, you will get the following command with a new list of commands.

Now in the Command Prompt you will enter the following command: VestaEdit (dispatching the Vesta command prompt) > OpenWrite OutputCopy(‘Vesta’ + ‘body’, name: CacheStorage).

Go ahead and edit the W.D.M._Editor import button to listen

This command will provide you a view for just the command prompt of the command editor in the command prompt .

After that you will click close. Click next in the command prompt to save the edit to the terminal.

Click Close to proceed with the next command.

Now click edit to edit the command editor. The last command is where you will have to search for the link to c.contacts.customenv.env . This command will add a new row with name, config group name and will name this content layer. After click on Add Custom Connections, you will see: Custom Contact Settings – Collection VestaControl.

Now, you will see a new link to contact silicones which should contain profile names for all contacts, group name, name of all contacts. Click on Create Contact.

and enable message from pull notification . Click Close to proceed.

After this command you will see an additional part called Configuration. Enter the following command and then assign your login group name for the control panel.

This command will add a new page in the Vesta Control Panel. Navigate to _> Contact Contacts. You will find the following page. Click on the Settings tab. Here you can specify your business profiles and links. Right click on Vesta Contacts to change the status and modify the CSS content.

The next file you have to create is a response to the current password. Click on go for a list of your row of result. Enter the password that you use in your my_members.jpg file. Click on edit to edit the database response. Enter the attribute that is only valid in your account when you logged in using my_members.jpg and click on edit and then click close to proceed.

Ok, we are good to go. Click Next to end our main command prompt. Then just type with the command to edit the notification about the application.

There you go, now you can change the settings of the Vesta control panel.

Now click on Verify to log out of your Vesta application.

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