UK Dedicated Server Hosting

UK Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a different kind of server. It is a completely dedicated plan to a single website, company, or organization.  It is called a bare-metal server. This is a part of the hardware of a computer to which a particular organization will only be given access. They can use it to host their websites, save their private data and other important details regarding the company. In simple words, a dedicated server is used when an individual or a company doesn’t want to share their information and services with anyone except themselves or their company. We are set up, handled, and controlled by a host or cloud software or an individual Managed Service Provider (MSP). It is completely exclusive in individuality.  You can be used in high-traffic and busy websites and many other web applications. It can be used in hosting situations too. Now, when you are in the United Kingdom, the UK Dedicated Server can be utilized for the same purposes as mentioned above and will be easy to access too. The server here is customized according to the client’s requirements upon asking. It’s completely worth the time and money spent.

UK Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
UK Dedicated Server – DSX1 – Atom C2750 – 8c/8t/2.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 250GB SATA
London, UK
UK Dedicated Server – DSX2 – Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 – 4c/8t/3.70GHz, 16GB RAM, 2X 500GB SATA
London, UK
UK Dedicated Server – DSX3 – Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 – 4c/8t/3.8GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x 1000GB SATA
London, UK
UK Dedicated Server – DSX4 – 2x Xeon E5-2620v4 – 16c/32t/3GHz, 64GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD+2x2TB SATA
London, UK
UK Dedicated Server – DSX5 – 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v2 – 12c/24t/2.6GHz, 128GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD
London, UK

What does it do?

The main objective of the UK dedicated server is to satisfy a client with private access to only their files which is available only to them. It is unlike the sharing servers providers, which have limitations and many terms and conditions. In a dedicated server, you have complete control, hence you can do anything.

 These dedicated servers prove extremely purposeful in websites that usually have spikes in traffic. An individual dedicated server includes multiple parts that include processors, memory storage devices, storage devices, hardware, and wires to connect the main server or server head.

A dedicated server has a random access memory device which is comparatively more reliable than normal PCs or laptops. They are more expensive too. This is because they have special hardware which helps in the prevention of data corruption. The most common reason of data corruption is electrical interference and cosmic rays.

The processors used in a dedicated server are considered as one of the most powerful and advanced servers all around the world of all time. This is an advantage to the market as it is fast, accurate, and is made specifically for servers to get the maximum speed, agility, reliability, and scalability.


A dedicated server provides access to higher bandwidth since it is used by an individual or a single group and is not shared. It has a greater amount of disk space. It guarantees better performance compared to cloud-based servers or shared servers as the workload is reduced on the processor since there are no multiple companies feeding on it and thus the server works efficiently.

Another perk of having a dedicated server is that it can bus customized according to the preferences of the client. This feature is not available in the case of a shared server or cloud-based server. The most common reason a dedicated server is chosen disregarding any other type of server is the data security facility that it provides. In a dedicated server, the possibility of data breaches is very minute unlike shared servers, where all the information is put together in one processor and is easily accessible to anyone. The UK dedicated server is extremely fast and powerful. It is managed, monitored, and supported by different teams 24/7. Though it is powerful it is not at all complex. It helps in the optimization of search engines.

Choosing a dedicated server

Now all the advantages of a UK dedicated server have been discussed, but how does one know which service provider to opt for. So, the few things that have to be kept in mind while deciding which dedicated server to use are checking the stability of the server and the provider’s overall details. Make sure to study the server’s overall performance, its utility, and its guarantee. Once you are sure of one particular provider ask them if they can offer you a person or team who is available throughout the day at any time if a problem needs to be resolved. They can be accessed through email, phone, or any other media. Check for customization facilities, which may not be required of you in the initial phases of your work but will surely be needed in the future.

Setting up and activation of the server

There are two choices you have in this particular aspect, the first is one is that you can set up the Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting by yourself. But this may consume a lot of time and are usually difficult because they need many uploads and downloads. A whole lot of preparation is also needed before actually starting the setup process. The second option is getting it set up by a third party who has a lot of expertise in this particular field. It consumes much lesser time and is easily done for you. If you go for the second option which is the third party set-up, you will also be provided with a team who will take care of the maintenance of your server if you require one.

The customization ability will be provided. You will also be given an interface online along with a pledge of your uptime guarantee which is stable. Any queries regarding the servers can be discussed with the set-up team or with the dedicated server provider team and its customer support team.